Center for International Business Studies (CIBS)

The International Business Studies program at New York Tech promotes the internationalization of business education, guided by New York Tech's mission of providing a career-oriented professional education, offering access to opportunity for all qualified students, and supporting applications-oriented research. We seek to develop institutional partnerships, resource integration, and interregional cooperation in pursuit of our international initiatives. Furthermore, we prepare students and other stakeholders for the challenges of working in an increasingly globalized business environment.

Academic Support

Our International Business Studies program promotes the globalization of business programs by strengthening New York Tech's international business curriculum and content, integrating contemporary and emerging global perspectives, and developing cooperative degree programs with reputable foreign universities to cultivate cross-cultural academic and professional opportunities.

Workforce Development

We seek to develop and strengthen connections with various business and professional organizations by engaging guest speakers from the international business field, encouraging alumni participation in school activities, and organizing business seminars, workshops, and forums, all designed to strengthen the career readiness and advancement opportunities for our students.

Professional Services

We pursue collaborations with international corporations, colleges, and other nonprofit institutions to deliver an executive-level management education. These programs are designed to address participants' specific needs, are cohort-based in an intensive format, and have a practical orientation. More specifically, our management certificate programs, M.B.A. and Executive M.B.A. programs, and business consulting projects aim to service the business community.

Experiential Learning

We promote career-oriented professional education, enriching in-class learning by developing study abroad programs, academic service opportunities, internship and practicum with overseas partners, and opportunities to join professional organizations and participate in professional conferences.


Our program supports applications-oriented research that advances the knowledge of New York Tech's international business students while encouraging collaboration among global partner institutions.


In today's dynamic world, opportunities come and go. Our program takes a proactive approach to coping with environmental uncertainty by managing its operations via a strategic process, with input from experienced members of its advisory board, interaction with international partner institutions, and involvement of active alumni supporters.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our programs or would like to get additional information, contact:

CIBS in New York
Joyce Chiu
Director, CIBS
School of Management
New York Institute of Technology
1855 Broadway
New York, NY 10025 USA

CIBS in Shanghai
Jeanne Xie
RM 5405, No. 300 Middle Huaihai Road (K11)
Shanghai, P.R. China 200021
Phone: 86.21.6113.2337
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