Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Launching the next generation of entrepreneurs

Academic Program Support
The Small Business and Entrepreneurial Studies concentration in the B.S. in Business Administration curriculum is carefully designed to capitalize on each student’s commitment to innovation, bringing innovation to the marketplace, or starting and managing his or her own enterprise. Students of this program benefit from an exposure to theory and concepts that are linked to successful small business development, as well as independent and corporate venturing. This is supplemented by practical “hands on”  working experiences and interactions with successful entrepreneurs and small business owners who assist in the development and review of student business plans, developed as a mandatory component of the capstone experience in the academic program.

Professional Development
Co-curricular networking opportunities are provided for students in the form of seminars, workshops, discussion forums, and lecture series, delivered by practicing professionals touching upon emerging and ongoing issues related to entrepreneurial and small business ventures. Topics include the nuances of successful business start-ups, issues of sustainability, and the value of Web 2.0 and social media to promote and increase the marketability of new business ventures. Students also participate in relevant industry and social events. Students can also earn an Emerging Issues in Entrepreneurship Certificate of Completion after attending designated seminars each year.

Experiential Education
Student internships and faculty-guided field experiences with existing ventures and start-ups provide significant opportunities for students to merge theory into practice. Opportunities extend to student engagement in regional and national business plan competitions, debate programs, and academic service learning experiences assisting small businesses and other relevant clients in the community.

Professional Services
Services range from consultation with aspiring innovators or business developers to community events and boot camps, designed to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit and provide educational opportunities for youth and community entrepreneurial partners. The center also supports a business incubator as a development tool for New York Tech community and qualified partners.

Students and participants receive training that enables them to conduct business research designed to strengthen innovation and feasibility analyses, business plan creation, and the development of sustainable enterprise. The center’s research agenda, driven by community and stakeholder needs, is designed to explore and create best practices that increase the viability of existing business or facilitate the creation of new business. Students are also encouraged to actively participate in professional associations and attend conferences that result in faculty-mentored student research opportunities that support entrepreneurial activities.

Student Leadership
Students will gain opportunities to participate and take leadership positions through an entrepreneurship club, hosting speakers, mentoring high school students and attending entrepreneurship related conferences and events.

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D. Bernard Webster
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