Admission Requirements: Nursing, B.S.

Thank you for your interest in the New York Tech Nursing, Bachelor of Science program. This four-year program consists of a TWO STEP PROCESS.

  1. NURSING INTENT STUDENT (NIS): This includes all required prerequisite liberal arts and science courses. These courses must be completed during the first, second, third, and fourth semesters.
  2. ACCEPTANCE INTO NURSING COURSES: Once a student believes they have completed all the required prerequisite courses, the student will need to apply to be accepted into nursing courses. All applications to be accepted into nursing courses must be received by October 1 to start nursing classes in the spring, and April 1 to start nursing courses in the fall.

Admission into the nursing major as a Nursing Intent Student (NIS) does not guarantee admission into into nursing courses. The number of students accepted into nursing courses depends on available resources, class cap limits, and a student's academic record.

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Step 1: Admission as a Nursing Intent Student
(First, Second, Third, and Fourth Semesters)

Freshman, transfer students, or post baccalaureate students who have not completed the required prerequisite coursework, will be admitted as Nursing Intent Students (NIS). During this period, students will complete all necessary prerequisite coursework. These students do not take nursing-level courses.

Please apply through the NYIT Online Application or the Common Application for NYIT:




First-Year Students

  • Minimum combined SAT score (critical reading and math only) of 1030 or ACT score of 20. This program requires standardized test scores. Review our test-optional policy.
  • Minimum high school average of 80.

Transfer Students

  • If you have less than 24 transferable credits:
    • Minimum combined SAT score (critical reading and math only) of 1030 or ACT score of 20.
    • Minimum high school average of 80.
    • One year each of biology and chemistry.
    • Completed the minimum level of math, which is precalculus or its equivalent.
    • Received a C+ or higher in each identified science and math courses.
  • If you have 24 or more transferable credits:
    • Minimum cumulative college GPA of 2.75
    • Received a C+ or higher in each identified science and math courses.

Application Materials

  • Completed NYIT Online Application or Common Application for NYIT.
  • $50 nonrefundable application fee.
  • Copies of transcripts of all high school work, including college-level courses. Your mid-year and final grades will be required. All final, official transcripts must be received prior to the start of your first semester.
  • Official SAT (critical reading and math only) or ACT test scores. You have the option of submitting results from the previous or redesigned SAT.
    NYIT SAT Code: 2561; NYIT ACT Code 2832.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • 300-350 word essay on your desire to work in the field of nursing.

Additional International Student Requirements

Applicants who are not offered admission to this highly selective program but present a compelling application may be offered admission to an alternative program of study.

Step 2: Admission to Nursing Courses
(Fifth Semester)

Nursing Intent Students (NIS) are expected to meet academic requirements in order to be considered for admission into nursing courses. If you have met all of the academic requirements, you must submit your application via the button below. The deadline for all applicants is October 1 for spring, and April 1 for fall.

Students can be admitted into nursing courses in both the spring and fall semesters. If you have any questions about the program or application questions, please contact Professor Laura Friedland-Stulbaum at or 631.241.5952.

Apply to Nursing Courses


  • Minimum cumulative college GPA of 2.75
  • Complete all general education requirements and the prerequisite freshman and sophomore courses listed on the Nursing Semester Map, including MATH 135/Math 141, CHEM 105/110, CHEM 215, BIO 210 or NTSI 201, BIOL 310, BIOL 312, BIOL 235, BIOL 260, PSYC 101, PSYC 210, PSYC 221, FCWR 101, FCWR 151, FCSP 105, FCIQ 101, ICBS 309, ICLT 3XX, ICPH 3XX, and ICSS 3XX.
  • Minimum grade of C+ in all required prerequisite courses listed above.
    • Students may repeat only two of the required prerequisite courses in which they earned a grade of C or below. These courses may be repeated only once. This requirement includes courses taken at other colleges.
    • If a student does not achieve the above requirements, then they are not eligible to transition to nursing courses.

Additional Nursing Requirements


Once you are accepted into nursing courses, you will need to complete additional requirements by August 1 for a fall start, and January 4 for a spring start. If you do not submit the necessary documentation by the deadline, you will not be able to take nursing courses.

  1. Health Evaluation Form: annual physical, required lab work, and PPD are required (only prior PPD is negative). Proof of immunizations must include date, titer, and results. REMINDER: Make copies of ALL documents submitted to the NYIT Department of Nursing. You will need copies for your own records. The Department of Nursing DOES NOT retain copies of student health clearance documents in student files. Keeping a current record of health-related materials is the student's responsibility.
  2. Preclinical Checklist: this form will be maintained in the student’s file to serve as verification that all the necessary items are completed.
  3. Infection Control Certification: courses can be found online, and suggested sites will be provided in the welcome letter.
  4. HIPAA/Patient Health Information Confidentiality Certification: part of clinical orientation package.
  5. Child Abuse Prevention Certification: this is a New York State Requirement. Suggested site to take this course will be provided in the welcome letter.
  6. Patient Safety Information: this class will be arranged during the semester the students are taking NURS 102 Introduction to Nursing. A certificate of attendance will be awarded to students upon completion of this class.
  7. BLS (Basic Life Support) for Healthcare Providers Certification: a copy of the student’s provider status will be maintained on file. The student is responsible for keeping the card current.
  8. Uniforms: students are required to purchase and wear the official NYIT Department of Nursing uniforms from the designated uniform company.
  9. Certified Background Check by Designated Agency: students may be required as part of the requirements for clinical rotations to have a background check performed by a designated agency. Applicants to the School of Health Professions should be aware that certain legal issues and/or convictions may preclude student from being accepted by clerkships, internships and/or fieldwork and impact the student’s ability to complete the required program courses and qualify for graduation, certification and/or licensure.
  10. Mandatory Tutorial Support Program: each student is required to enroll in this online support protocol each semester (all four semesters) ending with a comprehensive NCLEX-RN REVIEW COURSE. Students are required to participate fully in the tutorial support program, which includes reading assignments, practice tests, and meeting the designated requirements for each nursing course. Students will be required to take all designated competency exams in each of the specified courses and achieve benchmarks set by the department.
  11. National Student Nurses Association Membership: annual dues $40 per year.

Students should be advised that requirements may change during the program and that they will be required to meet current standards for clinical affiliation placements and progression in the major, irrespective of date of program admission.



In order to progress through the nursing program, you must meet the following academic requirements:

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75
  • Receive minimum grades of C+ in all required nursing courses, including NURS 102, 301, 312, 315, 351, 360, 401, 410, 430, 445, 455, 465, 471, 472, and 480/480L.
  • If you earn a grade of C or lower or fail any segment of a nursing course, clinical nursing course, or lab, you will be allowed to repeat the course or clinical lab rotation only once.
    • If you repeat a nursing course, you must achieve a grade of B- or better. Failure to do so in this repeated course or clinical lab will constitute a course failure and dismissal from the nursing program.
    • If you earn a C or lower for a required nursing course or clinical lab rotation for a second time, you will be dismissed from the nursing program.
    • Withdrawal from a course is only permitted in the case of a documented illness, personal emergency, or unusual circumstance and not because of a course/clinical/lab rotation failure or anticipated failure. Given the nature of nursing practice, students will not be permitted to use a withdrawal from a course to avoid a failure.

Applicants to the School of Health Professions should be aware that certain legal issues and/or convictions may preclude the student from being accepted by clerkships, internships, and/or fieldwork and impact the students ability to complete the required program courses and qualify for graduation, certification, and/or licensure.

Also see the NYIT Nursing Student Handbook for additional policies.