New Workshop: Python Programming for Women and Single Parents

New Workshop: Python Programming for Women and Single Parents

Reinvent your future while developing a technology skillset that employers seek!

New York Tech’s new six-week training program provides in-demand coding skills in the popular Python programming language along with dedicated career services and support. This innovative workshop is tailored to women, single parents, and caregivers impacted by the market downturn who may currently be unemployed or underemployed.

Participants will complete the program ready to advance their careers in the marketplace of today—and tomorrow. Easy-to-follow instruction will include an introduction to simple data types, expressions and statements, program flow control structures, exception handling, and functions as well as elements of object-oriented programming.

Workshop Components
Designed and taught by expert faculty in New York Tech’s College of Engineering and Computing Sciences, this six-week entirely virtual program comprises:

  • Two 1.5-hour remote classes per week (videotaped and made available for review). Workshop begins on March 31st and concludes on May 7th. Workshops are held every Wednesday and Friday from 5:30 – 7 p.m. (ET).
  • Faculty extra help/office hours (one hour each week).
  • Instructor with expertise in programming and career discovery, supported by our network engineer (a mother of two).
  • Cohort team building (optional) with other program participants: group discussions based on the past week's workshop topics. Meets on Mondays, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
  • Dedicated career services including resume, interview, job search, and networking support as well as introductions to companies seeking skilled talent.
  • Certificate of Completion.

Register Today and Receive a $200 discount!

Cost: $495 ($295 for the first 30 registrants)

*Additional fee for WiFi hotspot loans, if needed, for duration of course.*

First Session: Begins March 31, 2021


Why Python?
Python is an increasingly popular programming language, favored by developers, data scientists, software engineers, and others for its versatility, flexibility, and object-oriented features.

"Everyone is talking about Python, and for good reason. With an exponentially growing community around data science, machine learning, AI, web dev and more, Python is a language that opens programming access to the world."
"Python is the second best-paying programming language in the country (beating out Java, C++, and JavaScript) according to Gooroo, a skill and salary analytics platform."
Just about anyone can learn Python if they put their mind to it…. Many software applications and games use Python. Due to its simple and readable coding, major companies like Instagram, Google, Facebook, etc., use Python in their real-time applications…. Professionals and beginners like Python because of its simple language; it’s easy to learn as it resembles English.

Why New York Tech?
NYIT College of Engineering and Computing Sciences is committed to New York Tech’s mission-driven goal of ensuring access to opportunity to all qualified individuals. The college just received ASEE Bronze Level Recognition and is among the nation’s leaders in inclusive excellence. New York Tech is ranked among the top universities in the country for diversity, social mobility, quality in online education, and academic distinction.

Learn more about our focus on broadening women’s access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

For more information, please contact Jill Rogers at or 516.686.7910.

Billing/Shipping Information

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Would you be interested in renting a mobile wireless internet device for the duration of this program? Rental fees total to $80; a refundable $160 deposit fee is also required. *

A MiFi is a mobile wireless device or ‘hotspot” that provides Internet access through a cellular signal. Similar to a data plan for a cell phone as long as the device can connect to a cell tower, users can access the Internet. The MiFi device sends out a Wi-Fi signal that users can connect their personal devices such as a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet or smart phone to connect to the Internet.

Reliable Internet access is critical for success in this course as all lectures, videos, Canvas Learning Management System and other instructional media and materials will be delivered over the Internet. If you have questions about whether this service will be helpful to you or you need technical support using this device, please contact us at 516-924-0845 or 516-686-1400.

Here’s some important information about Verizon MiFi devices and service:

  • You are solely responsible for the activity of any equipment that you connect to the MiFi device. (multiple devices can connect to a single MiFi).
  • Use of the MiFi should be primarily for online learning activities associated with this course.
  • This device cannot be lent to anyone nor used for any illegal browsing or other illegal purposes.