Honors Programs

Dean of Engineering Honors Program

Earn an elite education through the Dean of Engineering Honors Program. Designed for high-achieving students, you’ll undertake an advanced academic curriculum that will broaden your experience and position you for professional success.

  • Participate in special leadership seminars that explore modern technical and social issues, presented by industry leaders and other guest speakers.
  • Engage in high-level research and scholarship under the mentorship of our faculty through our newly created Undergraduate Research and Engineering "mini-grants" Program (UREP).
  • Take two graduate-level courses in your senior year toward a master’s degree program at no additional cost, enabling you to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree in only five years.

Accelerated Path to Masters Degree (APMD): The 4+1 B.S., M.S. Option

The APMD at NYIT College of Engineering and Computing Sciences is a 4+1 B.S., M.S. option, designed for members of the Dean of Engineering Honors Program and undergraduate students who have demonstrated a consistent record of academic excellence. The APMD option allows participants to complete both their undergraduate B.S. and graduate M.S. degrees in a total of 5 years.

  • Students must have a cumulative 3.2 GPA to qualify.
  • Juniors in good academic standing (Dean’s List) will be automatically considered.
  • Members of the Dean of Engineering Honors Program are guaranteed early acceptance into the APMD option.
  • APMD-enrolled students are eligible to take 2 graduate-level courses in their senior year toward the master’s program of their choice within the Engineering school, at no cost to them (as long as the 3 credits fall within the 17-credit maximum allocation).

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