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Dean's Honors Program

About the Honors Program

The four-year Honors Program (CoECS-HP) will give you an enhanced undergraduate experience with everything from leadership development opportunities and cutting-edge research, to special events, focused career planning, and internships. As long as you maintain good academic standing while at New York Institute of Technology, you will even be guaranteed early acceptance into the B.S. with accelerated M.S. option, which will give you the opportunity to earn two degrees (B.S. and M.S.) within five years.

Admission Criteria

  • From High School: You are admitted to the Honors Program from high school based on your SAT score, as well as other achievements in high school. First-year students who are accepted into a CoECS academic program and who have also received either the President's Scholarship or the Theodore K. Steele Memorial Scholarship (see scholarship criteria) will be notified in their acceptance package if they are admitted to the Honors Program.
  • Not From High School: Applications from current, on-campus New York Tech students and students transferring to New York Tech from another college/university are reviewed at the end of their second semester at New York Tech. These applicants must have a minimum 3.2 GPA at New York Tech at the end of the second semester. (Please note: The scholarships above only apply to incoming students from high schools). Students enrolled into the Leadership Program can transition to the Honors Program once at the latest, one year prior to graduating.
  • Continuation in the Honors Program: While at New York Tech, and after admission to the Honors Program, you must maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.2. Should a student fail to maintain this standard, they will be dropped from the program. Students can only re-apply for the program the semester following their drop. Discussions about transferring credits to the Leadership Program can be made with the Student Engagement Coordinator.

Honors Certificate Program

This program is only for students enrolled in the Honors Program (including international students) who are invited during their first semester or apply following the completion of two semesters. Once you satisfy all requirements of this program and maintain a minimum of 3.2 cGPA by the time of program completion, email your form to A certificate will be awarded shortly after. Students will also receive a cord at graduation.

Program Registration

Deadline: July 1, 2023

Benefits of Participation

  • Immerse yourself in campus activities you may not have considered.
  • Receive automatic admission to the B.S. with Accelerated M.S. Option and earn two degrees (B.S. and M.S.) in just five years:
    • Honors students are guaranteed early acceptance into the B.S. with Accelerated M.S. program and can take two (and, in some cases, three) graduate-level courses in their senior year toward a master’s program within CoEC] at no additional cost to them (as long as the credits fall within the 18-credit maximum allocation). These courses will be counted toward the 10-course M.S. degree completion requirement (students need to formally enroll in the accelerated program for the graduate courses to count toward an M.S. degree).
    • Special scholarships are available.
    • Students must maintain a GPA of 3.2 to qualify.
  • Sweatshirt at the halfway mark.
  • Certificate of completion and a cord at graduation.

Certificate Requirements

Core Courses (Two of each, four in total) is required)

  • Leadership: Introduces you to different leadership theories to help you understand which style suits your best.
  • Communication: Helps you understand the basics of organizational communication; how your personality contributes to your communication style; and how to communicate with different personalities.

Elective Courses (Eight sessions are required)

  • Career Development
    • Public Speaking
    • Resume Building
  • Interpersonal Skills
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Team Building and Conflict Management
  • Community
    • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Other Topics of Interest
  • Club Involvement: If you demonstrate a commitment to a club on campus, you could be eligible for credit in an elective course. You must serve on the club’s executive board (e-board) for at least one year or participate in club activities. Involvement will be cross-referenced with faculty advisors and e-board members.
  • Internship or Co-Op Program: A part- or full-time internship approved by Career Success and Experiential Education or enrollment in the co-op program is eligible for certification credit.

UREP or REU program

  • Mandatory participation in UREP or REU at least once.

CAMPUS Mentoring program

Coffee with the Dean (2 sessions required)

  • Once a semester, meet with the Dean of the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences.

Community Service Hours (40 hours)

  • Discover a new sense of community by participating in opportunities shared by New York Tech or those you’ve sought out based on your interests. Complete your unpaid community service at one or more locations and submit your hours using the volunteer log posted on Canvas.

Contact Us

Raed Elzenaty
Senior Specialist, Professional Development 
College of Engineering and Computing Sciences
  Harry Schure Hall, Room 120, Long Island Campus