Information for Employers

In keeping with New York Institute of Technology’s mission to provide career-oriented professional education and access to opportunity to all qualified students, New York Tech’s cooperative education (co-op) program enables students to prepare themselves for the job market while pursuing their undergraduate degrees.

The participation of our co-op employers allows our students to develop and grow as professionals during 24 weeks of employment with your company during their junior or senior year. We are committed to making this process as easy as possible for your company—once you have completed the job posting process, conducted your interviews, and made a hiring decision, one or more of our highly qualified co-op students will be joining your team!

As a New York Tech co-op Employer partner, your company will have access to these benefits:

  • Proficient student workers who have the potential to transition to permanent employment with your company.
  • A cost-effective, streamlined recruitment and training program.
  • Valuable technical and professional assistance as well as the introduction of new talents and ideas into your organization.
  • Influence on the educational process and career development of a student.
  • Ambassadors for your organization on our campus.
  • Creating closer ties between your business and New York Tech to nurture new projects, research, and collaborations.

See all details, employer obligations, and more about our program in the Co-op Employer Handbook or the Co-op Information website.

Interested in Participating? Want to Find Out More? Contact: