Information for Students

Participating in New York Tech’s co-op program allows you to explore potential career paths while alternating semesters of academic study with a period of full-time, paid employment with a company that New York Tech has partnered within the New York metropolitan area.

As an undergraduate, you can gain six months of hands-on, professional experience related to your major or career interests, during which time you will not pay tuition and will earn a salary (See Financial Commitment and Salary below). The skills, contacts, and extensive real-world experience you gain during your co-op—combined with what you’ve learned in the classroom—provide a unique, holistic educational experience.

The co-op program gives you the opportunity to:

  • Help you define your career path after graduation.
  • Apply the theory you are learning in your coursework to real, professional situations that will also enrich your academic coursework.
  • Develop additional technical and industry-specific skills and knowledge.
  • Learn to communicate and work with professionals in a company setting.
  • Accelerate your future job search by enhancing your professional network.
  • Stand out from other entry-level candidates by having substantial experience (vs. a shorter-term internship) that could even elevate your starting salary.

Highlights of the co-op program are described below, and complete details can be found at our Co-op Information Website.

Enrollment and Eligibility

Enrolling in the co-op program is optional, and you must apply to participate. There are additional eligibility requirements and your co-op must directly relate to your field of study.

Time and Financial Commitment


Enrolling in the co-op program is a full-time commitment (36 hours or more per week) for 24 weeks in your third or fourth year. It takes place for one single term (summer plus fall semester, or spring semester plus summer). You may not participate in any other internships or take any classes. Generally speaking, participating in the co-op program will add one semester to your time to graduation.

Financial Commitment and Salary

  • During your co-op experiential cycle, you pay no tuition to New York Tech.
  • A student fee of $525, equivalent to the college fee for part-time students, will be charged by New York Tech to all co-op participants.
  • Undergraduate students must maintain full health insurance coverage and pay a mandatory fee unless they previously waived insurance (due to parental or other coverage).
  • You will be paid a salary directly by your co-op employer.

Academic Details

Once you’ve been accepted into the co-op program, it will become part of your academic program and a degree requirement, and will be reflected on your transcript. You must take the 0-credit course, ETCS 301, during co-op as well as co-op prep course ETCS-300 in the semester prior to starting the co-op.

Securing Employment

Once an employer has defined the number of co-op positions to be offered, as well as salary ranges, job descriptions, and hiring managers, the co-op positions will be posted by New York Tech’s Office of Career Success office and by our co-op coordinator’s office.

Students apply for, interview, and accept co-oppositions in coordination with our co-op coordinator; if selected for the co-op position, students are expected to follow specific expectations as noted in the Co-op Student Handbook.