Tech Safe App

Tech Safe is a new security app customized for the entire New York Tech community. The user-friendly app is a direct channel to New York Tech Campus Security and enhances the university’s community and safety response to incidents and emergencies. Tech Safe is available and fully functional for the Long Island and New York City campuses.

All New York Tech students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to download the Tech Safe App.

NOTE: Once the app is downloaded, you will be asked to share your location with the Tech Safe app, allowing Campus Security to track your location in real time when deployed. If you choose not to share your location, you will still be connected with Campus Security, but your exact location and movements remain private.

Tech Safe Features

Tech Safe iPhone screenshots of the app

Mobile BlueLight: A panic button for emergency use, it simultaneously sends your location and initiates a call to Campus Security, who will contact the police if necessary. It will then continue to track your movements and leave a breadcrumb trail for the authorities.

Emergency Contacts: Displays call buttons for 911 or Campus Security on either the New York City or Long Island campus. This feature uses location services (geofencing) with 911 calls, so the app can contact law enforcement in your specific location even if these services are turned off on your phone.

Chat with Campus Security: A text chat feature for non-emergency use. In an emergency, please use the Emergency Contacts feature.

Virtual Walkhome: Have your walk to your car or other campus location tracked by Campus Security. Tap the button for your campus and a dispatch officer will confirm they are ready to monitor your walk. If you require assistance at any time during your walk, simply tap Emergency. Once you are safe at your destination, tap Finish Tracking.

Friend Walk: Have a friend or family member track your walk to your car or campus location. Pick a contact, who will receive a link via email or text, and they will be able to track your location in real time on a map. If there’s an emergency, tap the emergency button to alert your friend and start an emergency call. If you or your friend disconnect, you will be given the option to make an emergency call. When you arrive at your destination, finish your trip and disconnect.

Report a Tip: See something, say something! There are three ways you can reach out to Campus Security if you have something to report.

  • Report a Tip by filling out a form.

  • Call a Tip by using a connection to your phone.

  • Submit a Real-Time Tip Report to Campus Security, using text chat to discretely offer information. Note that staff are not always available for chat.

Emergency Procedures: Links to our Emergency Procedures web page for details on all of New York Tech’s emergency plans and procedures. Information is available on topics including active shooters, alcohol and drug emergencies, bias and hate crimes, bomb threats, and more. Read this information before you need it!

I’m OK!: Sends your location and a message to a recipient of your choice, notifying them you are okay and safe in an emergency.

For questions and more information, contact Security.