Occupational Therapy

The Department of Occupational Therapy at New York Tech is committed to advancing the profession of occupational therapy and meeting the unique needs of our local, national, and global communities. Our diverse and complex society warrants an innovative and progressive approach to occupational therapy practice. Our dedicated faculty provide exceptional learning experiences that promote "doers, makers, and innovators" in the field.

Our students gain real-world practical skills in our on- and off-site labs, participate in hands-on research and clinical experiences, and have the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary learning alongside students from our medical school, and our computer science, engineering, and architecture programs. Join us here at New York Tech if you are interested in transforming your life and the lives of others through occupational therapy.

News & Events

Faculty and students from schools and colleges across the university come together to address the challenges of people living with Parkinson's disease and autism spectrum disorder, allowing students to grow beyond their traditional career paths.

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