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Nutrition for Healthcare Providers, Advanced Certificate

The 12-credit online Advanced Certificate in Nutrition for Healthcare Providers offered by New York Tech's School of Health Professions enables practicing physicians, physician assistants, and nurses to apply new knowledge of evidence-based nutrition in the care of their patients. A foundation of human health, nutrition is linked to the prevention and management of diseases and chronic conditions.

What You’ll Learn

New York Tech’s 12-credit asynchronous online advanced certificate program in clinical nutrition provides healthcare professionals with critical nutrition training to make a greater impact on patient care. While nutrition is already within the scope of practice for these professionals, this program provides the specialized knowledge necessary to effectively treat and prevent many chronic illnesses including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes.

Physicians, physician assistants, and nurses who complete the advanced certificate program will be able to:

  • Describe nutrient characteristics, food sources, bioavailability and utilization of nutrients within the body.
  • Evaluate pathophysiology, risk factors and clinical manifestation of diseases related to nutrition.
  • Formulate responses to common diet-related questions that practitioners are often asked by patients.
  • Utilize evidence-based nutrition information to their clinical practice.
  • Apply their credits to the M.S. in Clinical Nutrition at New York Tech if they wish to pursue that degree.

A Program For…

  • Medical Students
  • Practicing Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Physician Assistants
Maria Cerra (M.S. '15)

Iora Health

After graduating with her M.S. in Nutrition, Maria served as a nutrition coach for Lifetime Fitness and wellness coach for Interactive Health. She is now a clinical team manager for Iora Health in Houston, Texas.

Alix Small Anand (M.S. ’12)

New York-Presbyterian

In her role as a neonatal dietician at New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, Alix works with an interdisciplinary team responsible for an average of at least 20 babies at a time.

Bryan Silverman (M.S. ’89)


Currently the CEO of global digital health company ObvioHealth, Bryan has spent his career in the nutritional industry creating and supporting multiple new companies and start-ups—including WebMD when it first began.


“Nutrition is an important part of preventive care. Providing patients with critical information about how proper diet, vitamins and nutrients can alleviate and deter serious illness is something all healthcare providers should learn.”

Bernadette Riley (D.O. ‘05)

Clinical Associate Professor, NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine

Exceptional experiences.
Outstanding outcomes.






Top-Tier Ranking

USNWR Best Regional Colleges North

New York Tech is ranked among the top 25 regional universities in the North.

How You’ll Succeed

Upon completing this advanced certificate, you’ll be prepared to design dietary plans for adults and children based on their normal and therapeutic needs, and understand the interplay of food sources within the body.

Some credits/courses taken in this certificate program can be applied to the Clinical Nutrition, M.S.

USNWR Best Regional Colleges North

Top-Tier Ranking

New York Tech is ranked among the top 25 regional universities in the North.

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