New York Tech Student Emergency Fund

New York Tech’s Student Emergency Fund seeks to assist students who have been impacted financially by unforeseen circumstances during a disaster/crisis. This program provides one-time assistance of up to $500 to New York City and Long Island campus students to address financial challenges that jeopardize their ability to stay in school. Funding is limited, and the Office of the Dean of Students will work diligently to help find solutions to our students’ needs.


In order to apply for Student Emergency Fund assistance, the student must:

  • be current on any payment plans for the current semester and have a completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on file, if eligible, for the current academic year, or agree to a referral to the Office of Student Accounts for a review of the outstanding balance and plans for repayment. No student will be denied financial assistance due to an unpaid New York Tech account balance.
  • be matriculated and making Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • have a record of good conduct, i.e.: no open disciplinary case(s), unmet disciplinary sanction(s) or current social or disciplinary probation on file with the Office of Student Life.
  • have a current emergency need and provide necessary proof of the emergency.
  • hold at least part-time status, taking a minimum of six credits, at the time of the request. Approved disbursements will occur after the Add/Drop Period in the semester in which the student is enrolled, and no later than the end of the financial aid award year.

Allowable Expenses

The New York Tech Student Emergency Fund does not fund known educational expenses such as tuition and fees, and can be used for emergencies in sustaining or resolving:

  • Unexpected travel expenses back home
  • Food insecurity
  • Temporary financial support
  • Need for academic books or supplies
  • Loss of childcare services
  • Homelessness due to loss of housing for student (and dependents)
  • Overdue bills (including medical, utility, rent)
  • Eyeglasses, hearing aid, major dental surgeries, or durable medical equipment
  • Offsite storage

Other circumstances not specifically listed will be reviewed by the Office of the Dean of Students to determine eligibility. Supporting documentation may be required during the application process.


Please fill out the online Student Emergency Fund application (log-in required).