Accessibility Services

New York Institute of Technology adheres to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504. In addition to monitoring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable laws, the Office of Accessibility Services actively supports students in the pursuit of their academic and career goals. All services pertaining to students with disabilities are coordinated by this office and are meant to foster a barrier-free academic environment.

Identification of oneself as an individual with disability is voluntary and confidential. The Office of Accessibility Services assists with referrals and support services, as well as sponsors activities to increase opportunities for employment, academic success, disability awareness, and knowledge of disability-related issues. Students wishing to receive accommodations, referrals, and other services are encouraged to contact the Office of Accessibility Services as early in the semester as possible although requests can be made throughout the academic year.

Role of the Office of Accessibility Services:

  • Serve as an advocate for students with disabilities to ensure equal access.
  • Represent the interest of students on relevant campus committees.
  • Provide information to students about accessibility services available on campus and how to access them.
  • Provide notification to faculty and staff regarding specific accommodations required by a student.
  • Provide notification to Housing and Residential Life regarding specific accommodations required by student.
  • Provide accessibility awareness training to faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Provide feedback to faculty regarding general assistance available through the Office of Accessibility Services.
  • Maintain confidential records that document the disability and the plan for the provision of appropriate accommodation.
  • Assist and encourage students to assume the role of self-advocate.
  • Coordinate and oversee appropriate accommodations and delivery of these accommodations.

New York Tech does not offer students with disabilities the following:

  • Diagnostic evaluation for disabilities
  • Special classes
  • A reduced standard for academic performance
  • Exemption to graduation requirements
  • Credit for effort in place of demonstrated competence in the content

Students needing auxiliary services, such as readers, interpreters, or note-takers, etc., should discuss these with the Assistant Director of Accessibility Services. In addition to discussing appropriate educational modifications, the 504/ADA Coordinator will serve as a liaison with other college faculty and administration on behalf of students with disabilities, including the Office of Student Employment for those students who are also employees and in need of accommodation in the workplace.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to take advantage of the following related resources that are outside of the Office of Accessibility Services:

  • Use of the Learning Center and listing of free tutorial services
  • Individual, confidential, counseling, and advisement about their concerns
  • Academic monitoring, career counseling, and general study skill, time management, and goal setting assistance
  • Referral to qualified resources for diagnostic evaluation of learning disabilities at the student's expense

The academic requirements and procedures for students with disabilities are the same as for all other applicants. Students with disabilities who are considering applying to the university are invited to call the Office of Accessibility Services to discuss your individual concerns and needs.

How to Apply for Academic Accommodations

Step 1: Apply for Academic Accommodations
Step 2: Submit a Clinician Verification Form

Students are encouraged to have their current licensed medical-services provider fill out the Clinician Verification Form. When students are requesting reasonable accommodations due to a learning disability, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder or a neurological impairment, submitting the following documents will be helpful in determining accommodations:

  • High School IEP or 504 Plan
  • College Board Confirmation of Accommodations
  • Neuropsychological Report
  • Psycho-educational Report

Step 3: Schedule an intake appointment by emailing Students who submit their application and provide appropriate supporting documentation should schedule an intake appointment with Helene Schorr, Assistant Director of Accessibility Services, to discuss academic accommodations and how the Office of Accessibility Services can best support them during their time at New York Tech.

Step 4: After attending the intake appointment and receiving accommodations, please provide the Office of Accessibility Services a list of your professors so that letters of accommodation, detailing your accommodations, may be emailed to your professors

Please note that unless specified at your initial intake appointment, accommodations will be reviewed each academic year. Students are responsible for scheduling an appointment with the Assistant Director of Accessibility Services to review accommodations each academic year and submit updated documentation, if requested.

Returning Registered Students

Students already registered with the Office of Accessibility Services who need accommodations for the start of a new semester should email Helene Schorr. (, with a list of their courses and professor's name and contact information. A letter of accommodation, detailing your accommodations, will be emailed to each professor. Please note that you may be asked to submit updated documentation.




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