Accelerated Path: B.S.A.T. to M.Arch. Track II

The School of Architecture and Design offers an accelerated path to the M.Arch. (Track II) professional degree for undergraduate students with a consistent record of academic excellence who wish to begin their graduate studies during the final two years of their Architectural Technology B.S. degree.

To apply to the accelerated path, you must meet with the B.S.A.T. department chair and M.Arch director and meet the requirements listed below. Students accepted to the accelerated path B.S.A.T. to M.Arch. (Track II) (60 credit hours, 2 years) are eligible to take up to 12 graduate-level credit hours as an undergraduate student. These credit hours may be applied to both undergraduate and Master’s degree requirements within the School of Architecture and Design, to reduce completion time.

B.S.A.T. to M.ARCH Track II Accelerated Path Qualification Requirements

B.S.A.T. to M.ARCH Track II Accelerated Path Required Courses and Credit Hours

Please note that all graduate-level courses taken as part of an undergraduate degree require permission from both the undergraduate chair and the graduate director.

Undergraduate-level Requirement Graduate-level Substitution Credit Hours
ARCH 272 or ARCH 372 Environmental Site Planning Take ARCH 772 Site Planning 3
ARCH 327 CAD Construction Drawings Take ARCH 727 Construction Documents 3
ARCH 413 Architectural Simulation and Fabrication Optimization or Liberal Arts elective Take Designated ARCH Elective, 600-level or above 3
ARCH 481 Professional Practice I Take ARCH 880 Practice Models and Strategies 3