Minors can add extra value to your degree, boosting your professional appeal to employers and offering a key differentiator if you plan to pursue graduate and postgraduate degrees. New York Tech’s minors are open to all undergraduate students and require only 15–21 credits, many of which might already be a part of your major’s requirements.

For more information, contact an advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising at advising@nyit.edu.

Declaring a minor is easy:

Some rules:

  • Plan to meet periodically with the advisor of your chosen minor(s) to make sure you stay on track with the requirements.
  • The minor requirements are determined by the catalog in effect at the time that you declare the minor.
  • The Application to Declare a Minor must be approved prior to applying for graduation.
  • The courses you take to fulfill the minor should be in addition to any courses taken to fulfill either New York Tech's core requirements or the requirements of your major.
  • You must take a minimum of six credits in residence (at New York Tech) and they must be in excess of the requirements of your major and any other minor. (Departments/programs in which the minor resides may permit the inclusion of some major courses in fulfillment of the minor, where appropriate.)
  • You may earn up to two minors while at New York Tech.
  • Upon graduation, your transcript and diploma will reflect both the major and the minor(s) earned!