Residence Life: Policies & Procedures

Showing consideration for others and respect for college and personal property are the basic foundations of Community Living. The success of a residential community and the learning that takes place in this environment depend on the willingness of residents to accept responsibility for their behavior, decisions and actions as community members.

Residents are expected to be aware of how their actions be they written or spoken words, sounds or public displays of visual material, may make a person or group feel harassed, intimidated, discriminated against or in some way create a hostile or unwelcome living/learning environment. In keeping with this expectation, The Office of Residence Life holds as an important value the ability of community members and staff to support the diverse range of student needs and experiences.

Included in this range of needs and experiences are the following: the right to privacy, an atmosphere conducive to study, the protection of personal and public property, respect for the needs and values of each individual, and freedom from discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, sex, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, creed or religion.

Hall Conduct

Student Rights

  1. Students have the right to live in a clean and secure environment.
  2. Students have the right to the respect and safety of personal property.
  3. Students have the right to study without interference or interruption.
  4. Students have the right to be free from unreasonable noise.
  5. Students have the right to be free of intimidation or harassment.
  6. Students have the right to expect enforcement of the housing agreement.
  7. Students have the right to direct access to staff that provide assistance, guidance, and support as needed.
  8. Students have the right to equitable treatment when behavior is in question.
  9. Students have the right to enjoy individual freedoms without regard to race, gender, national origin, handicap, age, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.
  10. Students have the right to participate in student governmental bodies.
  11. Students have the right to individual and group educational and developmental opportunities in their living community.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Students have the responsibility to adhere to rules and regulations.
  2. Students have the responsibility to report violations of rules and regulations to appropriate staff.
  3. Students have the responsibility to respect the rights of others, as stated above.
  4. Students have the responsibility to participate actively in self-government.
  5. Students have the responsibility to participate in judicial proceedings to determine appropriate standards of behavior.
  6. Students have the responsibility to contribute positively to the community by participating in educational and developmental activities.

Assignments And Occupancy

  1. New York Tech shall have the right at any time to regain possession of a residence hall room or to change a room assignment for reasons of health, safety, peaceable occupancy, or any other reason requiring such action.
  2. New York Tech does not consider the race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability of a student in assigning residence hall rooms, and it will not change room assignments for the above reasons.
  3. Each student will comply with the residence hall contract/questionnaire and will follow procedures described in the student catalog concerning payment of fees on time and requests for refunds.
  4. No student shall occupy any room except the particular room assigned to the student by New York Tech, and each student shall share living quarters with any roommate(s) assigned to that room. Any request for a change of assignment shall be made in writing and according to existing procedure.
  5. Each student shall be responsible for assigned room keys. Any student who possesses a non-assigned residence hall key will be dismissed from the residence halls. Any student who loses a key shall pay a fee for replacement of both the room key and door lock (core change). Each student who fails to return an assigned key at the end of the academic semester, or during the closing of the halls for breaks shall pay a fee of $100. NO GRADES, TRANSCRIPTS, OR DIPLOMAS SHALL BE ISSUED TO ANY STUDENT WHO HAS NOT PAID THIS FEE. New York Tech reserves the right to change its fee schedule at any time.
  6. Every student shall vacate the residence halls during designated times when school is not in session.
  7. Each student shall vacate his/her room not more than 24 hours after cancellation of residency, not more than 24 hours after their last final, or no later than 5:00pm on the last day of the academic semester.
  8. New York Tech shall not be responsible for the removal, storing, or safekeeping of any student belongings. It is also suggested that students insure their personal property. New York Tech DOES NOT ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR PERSONAL PROPERTY, AND IS NOT LIABLE FOR THE THEFT OR DAMAGE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY.
  9. New York Tech shall have the right to terminate any residency of any student when necessary for safety, security, and the orderly administration of the residence hall program.

Guests And Visitation

  1. No guest shall be permitted in a residential facility without the host student present. The host student is defined as the individual student responsible for the guest, who signs the guest in according to visitation guidelines. No student may sign in a guest for another student.
  2. No student shall permit any overnight guest or another person to enter into or remain in a residence hall without signing in at the front desk during designated hours. In accordance with the visitation policy, students are not permitted to bring a guest into a residence hall after the Desk Managers have ended the last shift.
  3. No student shall permit any overnight guest to remain in his or her room more than two nights in any seven-day period.
  4. No guest shall be hosted in no more than one room in any seven-day period.
  5. Each "host" student is responsible for the actions and behavior of each guest, and is subject to judiciary proceedings in the event of any policy infractions. Guests are to fully comply with the New York Tech Code of Conduct, as well as all other college policies and regulations.
  6. No student shall permit individuals deemed to be persona non-grata by New York Tech into their residence hall room and that such an act will be a violation of the rights and responsibilities subject to disciplinary hearing.
  7. Under no circumstances are children permitted to remain in the residence halls overnight.

Care Of The Premises And Damage

  1. Each student shall be fully responsible for their personal belongings, and shall arrange insurance coverage for their personal belongings if desired. New York Tech is not liable for personal property.
  2. Each student shall be personally responsible for maintaining their own room and residence hall, including all furnishings, in good condition.
  3. No student shall permit paint, tape, paste, glue, nails or screws to be applied to the furniture, walls or woodwork of any room or residence hall. Any student who permits such action shall pay the cost of damages, if any, to the premises.
  4. Students who share occupancy of a room shall be jointly responsible for any loss or damage to that room, and residents of a residence hall shall be jointly responsible for the cost of damage to common areas of the hall.
  5. Any student notified in writing that he/she must pay a specific sum of money for loss or damage to his/her room or residence hall shall pay that sum in full no later than the end of the semester. NO GRADES, TRANSCRIPTS OR DIPLOMAS SHALL BE ISSUED UNTIL MONEY FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE IN THE RESIDENCE HALL HAS BEEN PAID IN FULL.

Safety, Health And Well-Being

  1. New York Institute of Technology unconditionally reserves the right to inspect all rooms and every part of every residence hall to insure that all standards of cleanliness, health and safety are maintained. Staff members shall enter student rooms for regular inspections during reasonable hours after they have first knocked on the door, identified themselves, and allowed for sufficient time for the resident to open the door. ANY STUDENT WHO REFUSES TO COMPLY WITH THIS POLICY SHALL NOT BE PERMITTED TO RESIDE IN ANY RESIDENCE HALL.
  2. Cooking with open-element appliances (i.e. toasters, hot plates, and oil-based popcorn poppers) is prohibited.
  3. Students are not permitted to possess or utilize space heaters.
  4. Students are not permitted to possess, install, or utilize air conditioners or ceiling fans.
  5. Students are not permitted to enter or exit through windows, nor are any objects (including liquids) permitted to be thrown from any window. Screens are not to be removed from windows.
  6. Every student shall cooperate fully in obeying all fire safety regulations, including participation in all fire and emergency drills, and no student shall tamper with any fire alarm or equipment.
  7. The use of candles and incense in any residence hall is prohibited.
  8. All students shall take proper precautions with smoking materials, matches and lighters, and in the discarding of ashes. No student shall smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes in any prohibited area.
  9. Students are prohibited from propping open exit and entrance doors and fire doors.
  10. No student shall possess firearms, fireworks, or any internal combustion engine in any residence hall.

General Rules Of Conduct

  2. No student shall use, possess, distribute or sell any liquor, drug or narcotic, which is illegal in the State of New York.
  3. Weapons are prohibited. The term "weapon" includes, but is not limited to: firearms, knives, swords, machetes, "chukka" sticks, and BB or pellet guns. No student may possess or display any other item in any way manifesting intent to use it as a weapon.
  4. No student shall participate in any form of gambling in the facilities of New York Tech.
  5. Students are prohibited from verbally harassing, or using slanderous comments. Bias related comments addressing ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation will be cause for judiciary proceedings.
  6. All students shall be considerate of other residents and shall contain noise levels appropriate for studying and sleeping. All students are to adhere to posted QUIET HOURS. Loitering outside of the residence halls after QUIET HOURS is strictly prohibited.
  7. Students shall not congregate in or block halls, stairs or passageways but shall confine visits and social activities to rooms or lounges.
  8. Students shall keep residence hall room doors locked at all times.
  9. No pet of any kind shall be harbored in any residence hall. Only non-meat eating fish are permitted. Aquariums must have a capacity of no more than 20 gallons, and must be unplugged during break periods.
  10. All students shall promptly comply with the directives made by New York Tech staff or faculty acting in the course of their duties.
  11. Students must carry college identification at all times, and must present it on request.
  12. All freshmen students shall abide by the terms and conditions of the Residential Services First Year Experience program, including attendance at mandatory programs and activities.