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Strategic Action Plan for New York Tech's Future

Throughout 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic, widespread movements for social justice, and economic recession have required higher education institutions, including New York Tech, to make major shifts in thinking and operations. Nevertheless, the events of this year underscore the importance of New York Tech's mission to provide career-oriented professional education, to offer access to opportunity to all qualified students, and to support research and scholarship that benefit the larger world.

As such, during the 2020–2021 academic year the chair of the strategic planning initiative—Jerry Balentine, D.O., Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, is leading the development of New York Institute of Technology's Strategic Action Plan. This initiative will bring together the resilient New York Tech community during a transformative year to forge a plan for a prosperous and sustainable future.

A multidisciplinary steering committee of faculty, staff, and students is leading the plan development. This page will be updated regularly with developments and resources for all members of the New York Tech community, including:

We welcome your feedback as we develop the plan!


  1. February 2020
    • Institute for the Future Foresight Workshop presentation
  2. September 2020
    • Steering Committee Call for Nominations
  3. October 2020
    • SOVA/New York Tech Culture Scan, Interviews, and Focus Groups
    • Steering Committee – Initial Convening
  4. December 2020
    • SOVA presented results to New York Tech Community.
  5. January 2021
    • The steering committee charged four working groups to develop recommendations.
  6. February - March 2021
    • Campus Comments, an event to hear more about the experiences from students to inform the action plan, was held.
    • Advisory groups in equity consciousness, digital transformation, and operational efficiency & resource effectiveness met and provided questions to consider for the action plan.
  7. April - May 2021
    • The working groups submitted their recommendations for the action plan to the steering committee.
    • The steering committee provided and received feedback from the action plan advisory groups and other stakeholders.
  8. June - August 2021
    • The steering committee and advisory leads provided further feedback to inform revisions of the action plan, and developed a proposed structure for action plan implementation.
  9. September – December 2021
    • The President and President’s Council reviewed the plan.