Merit Pages for NYIT Students

Merit Pages for NYIT Students

What is a Merit Page?


A Merit Page is an online profile of an NYIT student that can be updated by both the student and the university. Updates happen from the student’s first day of classes to graduation and beyond.1 NYIT began offering its Merit Pages program to enrolled students in August 2018.

Merit helps NYIT students build their reputation by documenting, sharing, and promoting:

  • academic achievements,
  • awards and honors they receive as a student at NYIT,
  • activities and organizations they participate in
  • on- and off-campus work experiences.

The final result is an online resume that will prove invaluable as the student enters the workplace or seeks to continue his or her education.

How does it work?

Students receive an email inviting them to activate their official NYIT Merit Page.2

Students typically personalize their page with pictures and a mission statement.

Once activated, Merit Pages are updated in two ways:

  • Students can add details about their unique academic, athletic, and co-curricular achievements, honors, awards, affiliations, and internship and work experiences.
  • NYIT adds officially verified academic successes like institutional and/or collegiate honors and graduation.

Of course, students may opt-out of the Merit program at any time.

Questions? Send them to

Sharing the good news

Students are notified by email each time new content has been added to their Merit Page. The email notification includes an option for the student to share the news via their social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

When NYIT adds content to Merit Pages, those achievements are also shared with the student’s local newspapers, former high school principal and school counselors, and elected officials who represent their hometown in state government.3

After graduation

When a student graduates from NYIT, his or her Merit Page becomes inactive to the university, but remains accessible to the student. NYIT students are encouraged to continue updating their Merit Page after graduation so that they can use it as a tool to begin their career or pursue additional educational opportunities.

“Following” an NYIT Student

Parents, friends, high school teachers and school counselors, coaches, and prospective employers can also keep up to date on an NYIT student’s accomplishments. By creating a “Follower Account,” they receive email updates when NYIT publishes an accomplishment that features students they are following.

All non-student Followers must sign up to follow a student, and all NYIT students have the ability to block a Follower.

NYIT’s Merit Page program is coordinated by NYIT’s Office of Strategic Communications and External Affairs. For more information, contact

Visit NYIT’s Merit Page:

Students: Building a resume? Use your Merit Page!

1. We use Merit in accordance with NYIT’s student privacy policy.

2. All NYIT students enrolled as of July 2018 will receive an official Merit Page.

3. Students who have their former high school on file with NYIT will have their NYIT verified achievements delivered in a weekly digest to their high school administrator. Students who have their U.S. hometown on file with NYIT will have their NYIT achievements delivered in a weekly digest to their state-level elected official.