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As members of the New York Tech community, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity. This pledge is a solemn promise to ourselves, our peers, and the university community to act with honesty and integrity in all academic and personal endeavors and with the understanding that doing so will further our development as responsible members of our community and benefit our educational and career endeavors.

We pledge to:

  1. Strive for excellence and to do our best work consistently.
  2. Follow the Academic Integrity Policy and course syllabi for all exams, assignments, and other coursework.
  3. Meet deadlines, show up for classes and meetings prepared and on time, and respond in a timely manner to emails and other correspondence.
  4. Seek and utilize faculty and campus resources when we are unsure of the requirements of an assignment.
  5. Uphold the behavioral expectations outlined in the Student Code of Conduct (U.S. and Vancouver campuses) in our interactions with fellow students, staff, faculty, administrators, and all who further our education and professional development.
  6. Take ownership for our mistakes.
  7. Prioritize our holistic (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social) wellbeing.
  8. Support others in their pursuit of success and wellness.
  9. Be respectful of individuals with experiences and feelings that are different from our own, as well as individuals from all identities, as described in our Statement on Non-Discrimination.
  10. Listen to our peers with an open mind and challenge our own opinions when their beliefs differ from our own.
  11. Make evidence-based decisions.
  12. Be attentive and conscious of how our words, decisions, and actions impact others.

Adhering to this Honor Code demonstrates respect and integrity for ourselves, New York Tech and the greater community.