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Tower House, Lower Level
Old Westbury Campus
Fax: 516.686.7488/516.686.1235


  • Associate Provost and Human Protections Administrator – Lou Reinisch, Ph.D.
    Phone: 516.686.7403 E-mail:
  • Senior Grants Coordinator – Eileen Gazzola, M.S.L.I.S.
    Phone: 516.686.7488 E-mail:
  • Grants Specialist – Sarah Pennacchio, M.B.A.
    Phone: 516.686.7648 E-mail:
  • Administrative Specialist – Judith DeMarino, M.Ed.
    Phone: 516.686.7713 E-mail:
  • Post-Award Grants Management – Carlton Mitchell, M.P.A. Director, Grants Management (Financial Affairs)
    Phone: 516.686.1351 E-mail:


Contact Eileen Gazzola ( or x7488) for answers to:

  • General administration
  • Grant deadlines
  • Questions regarding internal grants
  • Institutional Review Board questions and submissions
  • Registration of clinical trials in
  • Faculty Scholars Reception

Contact Sarah Pennacchio ( or x7648) for answers to:

  • Obtaining guidelines and application materials
  • Using the Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN) database
  • Using electronic notification systems for funding opportunities
  • Interpreting guidelines/responding to RFAs
  • NYIT policies for submitting grant proposals
  • Proposal development
  • Using PDF forms
  • Preparing a budget and budget narrative
  • Registering and using NSF Fastlane
  • Subcontracts, memoranda of understanding, and other agreements
  • Other reporting requirements
  • NYIT policies on misconduct in science and conflict of interest
  • Site visits by sponsor agencies

Contact Judith DeMarino ( or x7713) for answers to:

  • Human Subjects Protections

Contact Dr. Qiangrong Liang ( or x1331), for answers to:

  • Animal Subjects Protections

Contact Carlton Mitchell ( or x1351) for answers to:

  • Getting an account number for your award
  • Rebudgeting your award
  • No-cost extensions
  • Final financial reports

Contact Kristina Haase ( or x1285) for answers to:

  • Accessing and using Oracle to monitor your account

Contact Richard Villaume ( or x7834) for answers to:

  • Purchasing

Contact Elvira Cestaro ( or x7507) for answers to:

  • Payroll

Contact Corina Hendea ( or x7853) for answers to:

  • Human Resources