Energy and Green Technologies Laboratory (EnTech Lab)

The Energy and Green Technologies Laboratory (EnTech Lab) is a living lab that represents a real-world environment, providing students with hands-on experiences, where they can create new knowledge in the energy and green technology disciplines.

EnTech Lab Equipment

The equipment installed in the EnTech Lab includes:

  • Energy Generation and Storage Equipment: Portable solar panels, solar-tracking photovoltaic system, horizontal and vertical wind turbines, lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and hydrogen generator.
  • Electrical Loads: Computers, LCDs, heater, toaster, soldering kit, and printers.
  • Energy Monitoring and Control Systems: Infrared cameras, anemometers, smart plugs, energy smart home control hub, wireless temperature and humidity sensors, motion detectors, wireless data loggers, solar radiation sensor, smart tinted window films, smart operable blinds, wireless building enclosure thermal performance measuring kit, energy meters, phase change material, Raspberry Pi and Arduino kits, and thermal imaging drone.
  • Virtual Reality Kit: Virtual reality kit and an interactive web-based energy dashboard.

Interconnected as a network, this equipment gives students the opportunity to:

  • Monitor the energy generation process through renewable energy resources.
  • Use data-loggers to capture the data (e.g., occupancy and temperature).
  • Apply machine learning and optimization techniques to the collected data.
  • Use control algorithms to adjust the lights, the color of tinted window films, and window blinds to reduce energy consumption.
  • Control the cooling and heating systems.
  • Study emerging energy storage and generation methods using hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Study the impact of energy retrofit approaches on buildings energy consumption using phase change materials.
  • Become familiar with state-of-the-art energy monitoring and control systems in homes.


  • Harry Schure Hall, room 103
    College of Engineering and Computing Sciences
    NYIT-Long Island

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