Executive Advisory Board

David Antar

David Antar
A+ Technology & Security Solutions
Bay Shore, NY

David Antar is a true entrepreneur at heart, with over 30 years in the security industry. Over that time, he has started several successful high-tech companies based on a keen ability to understand the needs of his customers and the trends in the marketplace that drive business growth.

A+ Technology & Security Solutions is one of the largest physical security integrators in the tristate area with a strong presence in K-12, Higher Ed, Commercial and Public Sector. IPVideo Corporation is a global security and IOT solutions manufacturer and software developer that sells award winning products like the HALO IoT Smart Sensor exclusively through a 1000+ worldwide dealer network. A+ STEM Labs is an innovator in STEM teaching solutions and has over 1500 mobile science labs in the New York City school system. Global Fusion Center is a high-tech virtual guarding firm that is disrupting the security industry with cameras that are equipped with artificial intelligence to trigger events back to a 24 x 7 command center. Headquartered in Bay Shore, New York, all companies operate out of an 18,000 square foot showcase facility in addition to having a 7,000 square foot New England operation in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 2012 all business units were combined under the umbrella of a single holding company, Advance Convergence Group (ACG).

David explains, "Having a customer centric philosophy is crucial to any successful business and it's extremely important to stay on top of the latest technology in today's changing marketplace. It's all about exceeding your customer's expectations each and every time." David Antar's success is a testament to the wisdom of this philosophy.

David was inducted into the Long Island Technology Hall of Fame and has been honored at numerous Local and National events. He is integrally involved in with many strategic boards and organizations to help make the world a smarter safer place.

Soyeb Barot

Soyeb Barot
VP Research Analyst
Gartner, CT

Soyeb Barot is a research analyst at Gartner, responsible for covering Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI topics in his current role. He earned his Master's Degree in Computer Science from New York Tech back in 2005. He has lead enterprise data management and Data Science teams in the past providing deep technical expertise, and leadership, within the insurance, banking, retail, media, and information system domains. He specializes in building roadmaps for analytical and AI strategies, working with academics and technology organizations to bring ML, NLP, and AI solutions to the broader industry. Soyeb has been a speaker at various industry conferences and plays a pivotal role in building future-state architectures and digital transformation initiatives for Fortune 100 enterprises globally.

Thomas D. Bianculli

Thomas D. Bianculli
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Zebra Technologies Co.
Holtsville, NY

Tom Bianculli serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Zebra Technologies. In this role, Bianculli is responsible for the exploration of emerging opportunities, coordinating with product teams on advanced technology development, solutions strategy and inorganic investment.

Bianculli started his career with Symbol Technologies, Inc. as part of the data capture solutions business. In the following years, Bianculli held positions of increased responsibility including architectural and director of engineering roles. Bianculli provided technical leadership for the business and co-led the development of the company's first imager-based handheld data capture product while on assignment in Japan.

Bianculli went on to form the Emerging Business Office at Motorola to explore new opportunities adjacent to the core businesses. At the time of the Zebra Technologies' acquisition of Motorola Solutions' Enterprise Business in 2014, Bianculli transitioned the Enterprise segment of Motorola's CTO team to Zebra and was subsequently appointed as CTO of the new combined organization in 2016. The CTO team has driven the key tenets of Zebra's Enterprise Asset Intelligence vision including sponsorship of the company's software acquisitions and the development of vertical strategies in support of that vision.

Bianculli has been granted over 20 U.S. patents and is a Motorola Distinguished Innovator and Science Advisory Board Associate. He was recently named one of the Top 100 Leaders in Technology 2021 by Technology Magazine.

Bianculli holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University, NYU. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the School of Engineering for the New York Institute of Technology and the Board for the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe.

Chad Bouton

Chad Bouton
Vice President, Advanced Engineering and Director
Neural Bypass and Brain-Computer Interface Laboratory
Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research at Northwell Health
Manhasset, NY

Chad Bouton is a professor and Vice President of Advanced Engineering and Director of the Neural Bypass and Brain-Computer Interface Laboratory in The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research at Northwell Health in New York. In 2014 Prof. Bouton and his team pioneered the first 'neural bypass' that restored movement in a paralyzed person using a brain implant linked directly to muscle stimulation.

His work has been featured in international media outlets including 60 Minutes, The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, National Geographic, Wired Magazine, and many others. Prof. Bouton was formerly a Research Leader at Battelle Memorial Institute and currently his colleagues at Northwell are combining brain-computer interface technology, neural decoding, and neurostimulation to restore the sense of touch and movement in the human hand simultaneously.

He holds over 70 patents worldwide and his technologies have been awarded three R&D 100 Awards (the "Oscars of invention") and has been recognized by the United States Congress for his contributions to the medical device technology field. Prof. Bouton has also licensed and commercialized many disruptive technologies the last 26 years to treat or diagnose cancer, diabetes, congestive heart failure, and paralysis from stroke or spinal cord injury.

He recently founded a medical device startup, Neuvotion, Inc. (2019) and he also has been named Inventor of the Year (2010), Distinguished Inventor (2011), Innovator of the Year in New York (2017), and was selected by the National Academy of Engineering (2011) as one of the top 100 young engineering innovators in the world.

Ronald Connelly

Ronald Connelly
Program Manager
HII - Mission Technologies

Ronald Connelly has over 25 years of experience in the defense contracting industry. Throughout his 25 year career he has been an RF engineer, business development manager, and a program manager for various opportunities.

As a RF engineer, he has worked on various projects to include Air Force One and Air Force Two, performing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis. He also performed EMC analysis on the International Space Station (ISS) and worked with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop the next generation tactical data link for military systems.

Mr. Connelly has also performed EMC analysis for the next generation of Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar (LCMR) system and the Lightweight Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar (LSTAR) system that were being developed by the U.S. Army.

In the role of business development, Mr. Connelly has pursued contracts with various Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal government agencies in excess of $300M to include U.S. Army future command, U.S. Air Force Research lab, and National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA).

As a program manager, Mr. Connelly has led projects for various agencies to include:

  • Air Force Research Lab (AFRL)
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
  • U.S. Army Futures Command
  • U.S. Coast Guard Research & Development Center
  • Department of Navy (DoN) Chief Information Office (CIO)

Mr. Connelly has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Stony Brook University, a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from New York Institute of Technology, and a Master of Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University.

Matthew W. Daus

Matthew W. Daus, Esq.
City University of New York's (CUNY) Transportation Research Center

Matthew W. Daus, Esq. currently serves as Transportation Technology Chair at the City University of New York's (CUNY) Transportation Research Center of The City College of New York, where he conducts research, and continues to be extensively published as an expert on ground transportation regulation and technology. As a CUNY Distinguished Lecturer for the past 9 years, he taught courses on transportation history, policy, sustainability, for-hire regulation and technology. Mr. Daus also continues to serve for the past 10 years as President of the International Association of Transportation Regulators (IATR), a non-profit educational and advocacy peer group of government transportation regulators from around the world promoting best regulatory and innovative practice. Commissioner Daus is the longest serving Chairman of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), serving for 8.5 years. Prior to his tenure as Commissioner, Mr. Daus served in executive and other positions in NYC government for almost 20 years at several agencies including as General Counsel to the TLC and the NYC Community Development Agency, as Special Counsel to the TLC and NYC Trade Waste Commission, as a NYC Human Rights Prosecutor, and as Commissioner of the NYC Civil Service Commission. Mr. Daus is a partner and currently chairs the Transportation Practice Group at Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf, LLP.

Robert DiFazio

Robert A. DiFazio, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert A. DiFazio has spent over forty years doing research and development in wireless communications, signal processing, networks, video, machine-to-machine communications, and international standards. Before founding RZio LLC, an R&D and consulting company, he was Executive Vice President and Head of Research & Development at InterDigital where he led a worldwide organization of over 150 engineers spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. He and his team developed 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G cellular technology that became the basis for a world-renowned patent portfolio that generated hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue per year.

Dr. DiFazio actively participated in projects on 5G cellular, next generation Wi-Fi, millimeter wave radios, small cell and heterogeneous networks, video/multi-media compression and distribution, and advanced systems for efficient use and sharing of spectrum to meet the ever-increasing demand for wireless data. He directed participation at major international standards bodies including 3GPP, IEEE 802.11, IETF, oneM2M, and MPEG. Prior to InterDigital, Dr. DiFazio spent more than twenty years at BAE Systems working on software defined radios, smart antenna systems, jam resistant modems, and low probability of intercept communication and navigation systems. He was a founding employee of a wireless startup. His outreach activities include many technology talks, publications, and interviews.

In the local engineering community, Dr. DiFazio is chairman of the New York Tech Dean's Executive Advisory Board and a member of the Industry Advisory Board for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Department. He has served on Advisory Boards for the NYU Tandon School of Engineering and spent over twenty years teaching graduate courses in wireless communications, spread spectrum systems, and advanced circuits.

Dr. DiFazio received his Ph.D. from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering (formerly, Brooklyn Poly). He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and holds over one hundred issued and numerous pending US patents.

Mark Hanny

Mark Hanny
Former Global Vice President Alliances and Channels

Accomplished former IBM senior executive with track record of catalyzing growth through innovative new business models in software, SaaS, digital transformation, and cloud. Throughout his career, Mark has been an "intrapreneur" within IBM, helping the company to launch new product lines, create new skilled partner programs, expand into emerging markets and reach new clients through a skilled partner network. Mark is a results-oriented sales and marketing executive with a strong general management background. Mark has successfully held positions in sales, marketing, product management, M&A acquisitions and integrations, channels and global alliances.

Mark played a vital role in helping IBM, a company with a tradition of "flying solo", form its first-ever Software Business Partner program, reflecting the importance of alliances and partnerships in the evolving digital economy. Mark joined IBM's M&A group where he led IBM's $762 million acquisition of Tivoli. Mark played a crucial leading role in helping IBM grow its Software business from $500M to $28B, through increasing its business through skilled partners from 0% to over 42%.

Mark has been cited by CRN IT Magazine six times as Top Channel Chief. Mark has been interviewed on major national media, including the New York Times, CNBC, Investor's Business Daily, and China Daily. Mark has transformed into a recognized IT industry consultant as Principal at Partnering for Growth.

Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor
President and Chief Executive Officer
SVAM International Inc.

Anil Kapoor, President and Chief Executive Officer, SVAM International Inc., a Global IT and BPO Service Provider, has pioneered several initiatives in making SVAM a significant contender in the marketplace since its inception in 1994. Anil oversees all global operations of the company, including sales, marketing, development, finance and professional services. A customer focused and visionary technology executive, Anil brings over two decades of experience in spearheading product development, marketing, strategic planning and business development.

Thanks to his process oriented approach and single minded focus on customer satisfaction coupled with his ability to deliver premium services and support, SVAM has secured successful implementations with scores of clients including Strategic Planning engagements for the likes of Deutche Bank, HSBC, Long Island Bus and significant offshore contracts for leading technology companies including Motorola, IFF, SonicWall, RF Technologies, and Posit Science. Prior to SVAM, he held increasingly responsible management roles as Director MIS, Financial controller and Sr. Manager- Audits at AJ Maxwell, Travel House (A ITC subsidiary) Weston electronics, Everest Building Products (A Turn & Newell subsidiary) and PR Mehra & co ( Chartered Accountants). He received his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from New Delhi University.

Larry Karantzios

Larry Karantzios
Systems Engineer

Larry Karantzios serves as a Systems Engineer at Fortinet, specializing in the state, local, education (SLED) market. In this role, he plays a crucial part in guiding SLED customers through the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity and the integration of networking solutions to ensure the comprehensive security of individuals, devices, and data across diverse environments.

With an impressive track record, Larry spent eight years as a Sr. Pre-Sales Systems Engineer at Zscaler. During this period, he successfully facilitated the transition of companies from traditional on-premise network/security design to Cloud-centric SASE/ZTNA Zero Trust security architectures.

From 2007 to 2014, Larry served as the technical sales lead for computer network/security opportunities within Financial Institutions at Juniper Networks. Prior to Juniper, he contributed six years at Credit Suisse, where he played a key role in securing the bank's global internet access by designing and implementing layered security measures for global bank internet security zones. Larry began his career at Northrop Grumman Aerospace as a Systems Engineer, focusing on integrating encrypted digital voice/data communications systems for the Navy E-2C Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning Aircraft.

Education-wise, Mr. Karantzios holds a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. Degree in Organizational Behavior from the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering. His diverse background and wealth of experience underscore his commitment to advancing cybersecurity solutions and addressing the evolving needs of the industry.

John R. Keville

John R. Keville ('88)
Houston Office Managing Partner
Sheppard Mullin

John Keville is the office managing partner in global law firm Sheppard Mullin's Houston office. With a degree in mechanical engineering from New York Tech, and a law degree from St. John's University School of Law, John first-chairs patent, trade secret, trademark, and copyright litigation trials across the country in all areas of technology. He was recognized twice in 2021 as a runner-up for the American Lawyer's Litigator of the Week award for two-straight jury verdicts of willful patent infringement, has been Houston's IP "Lawyer of the Year," and is known for being "an extraordinarily diligent, no-nonsense straight shooter" and "truly formidable" in the IP arena. He has served on the Engineering School's Dean's Advisory Board since 2018.

Michael Lantier

Michael Lantier ('04)
Assistant Vice President-Deputy Market Leader, Education

Michael Lantier's 15-year career at H2M started within the Electrical Engineering Department and has progressed to a leading role providing support to numerous school districts and higher education clients throughout the tri-state area as a Deputy Market Leader. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of New York and is U.S. Green Building Council LEED accredited. His responsibilities include client management and full-service project management including pre-bond support services, financial review, feasibility reports, design services, and construction administration services. In the Electrical Engineering Department, his experience includes the design and construction management of complex power distribution, emergency distribution, and fully integrated life safety systems.

Mr. Lantier is the primary client contact and manages numerous K–12 school districts. Although he holds a degree is in electrical and computer engineering from New York Institute of Technology, his years of experience have provided knowledge on many aspects of school construction. He has extensive experience in evaluating existing facilities, developing capital plans, evaluating energy performance contracts, and participating in pre-bond efforts. His experience within H2M has provided him with long standing relationships across all service markets, resulting in efficient project management and expedited decision making, which ultimately saves his clients time and money while resulting in successful construction completion. His outreach includes positions on numerous not-for-profit boards and industrial advisory boards. Mr. Lantier rounds out his education with an M.B.A. in Finance from Stony Brook University.

George Likourezos

George Likourezos
Carter, Deluca & Farrell, LLP

George Likourezos is a partner at Carter, DeLuca & Farrell, LLP—a full-service intellectual property law firm based in Melville, New York. His practice encompasses all aspects of patent, trademark and copyright law. George focuses his law practice on patent law and representing his clients before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and patent offices throughout the world. His clients include individual inventors, startups, universities, research institutions, and middle-market and Fortune 100 companies involved in a wide range of technologies. George has a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, and a master's degree in Operations Management from NYU Tandon School of Engineering. His law degree is from the Touro Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center. He is a director and on the advisory board of several technology companies, including a mentor of the prestigious Starburst Aerospace Accelerator, and a board member of ADDAPT and the Long Island Capital Alliance.

Mitchell Maiman

Mitchell Maiman
Co-founder and Business Strategist
Intelligent Product Solutions

Mitch—Co-founder and former President of IPS—has more than 40 years of experience in successful product development. Along with his partner, Paul Severino, IPS has built a large, multi-functional product development team serving many tier-one clients including Zebra Technologies, Google, Verizon, Tyco, Leviton, Anheuser Busch, L3 Communications, PepsiCo, Steinway, and Becton Dickinson as well as numerous smaller clients. Mitch's present role followed a long, successful career at Symbol Technologies where he served as Vice President of Engineering running engineering for a large, highly profitable business unit as well as an Advanced Development organization.

Prior to Symbol Technologies, Mitch spent his career in commercial, industrial, consumer, and defense product manufacturing companies including NCR and United Technologies. He has a plethora of U.S. and international patents around his innovative work over his career. Mitch holds a masters's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University in N.Y. as well as an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University in N.J. He has a bachelor of science degree in Engineering Science from Hofstra University. Currently, Mitch is active in helping develop the local economy through roles with Stony Brook University, Launchpad, New York Institute of Technology, the Long Island High Tech Incubator, and the incubators affiliated with M-Corp and 2nd Muse.

Jacqueline Mason

Jacqueline Mason ('92)
Vice President
Morgan Stanley

Jacqueline Mason is a seasoned technology professional with over 25 years experience in the financial industry. Currently, Jacqueline is a Vice President at Morgan Stanley in Enterprise Technology Services, End User Technology division. In her role, Jacqueline is responsible for driving the strategic agendas of End User Technology and Operations, with a focus on transitioning and adopting Agile methodologies to deliver products and services on a global scale. As such Jacqueline partners with all areas of the organization to support the division initiatives, and ultimately is a key contributor in delivering the end-state operating model for EUT.

In addition, Jacqueline is committed to giving back and such serves as a mentor, supporting and advocating for the development and advancement of employees, as well as youths in her community and high school students in underserved communities. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, she worked at Citi as Senior Vice President in various global roles in Infrastructure Technology, Salomon Smith Barney and Salomon Brothers. Jacqueline is a graduate of New York Tech, holds a degree in Computer Science. She is a member of the Standing Committee of the Long Island Diocese of the Episcopal Church; she resides on Long Island with her husband and 2 daughters.

Kenneth McCauley

Kenneth McCauley
Executive Vice President,
Turtle & Hughes, Inc

Kenneth McCauley Executive Vice President, Turtle & Hughes, Inc. Ken has been an New York Tech Advisory Board member since 2014. He brings a mix of technology, financial and cultural perspectives to the role. Ken joined Turtle & Hughes early in 2019 to build the firm's presence and capability in the battery energy storage services space as the market rapidly expands.

As a certified woman-owned business with a 99 year history in providing electrical equipment and services, the Turtle & Hughes team possesses a wealth of experience and relationships as a foundation to build upon as the company invests to support their customers in modeling and implementing battery energy storage systems.

In addition to Turtle & Hughes, he is a Board Member of a Utah-based solar energy, energy storage and microgrid firm. Prior to Turtle & Hughes, Ken was Partner and Co-Founder of 127 Energy which was created to develop and finance renewable energy and energy storage projects. Before 127 Energy, he was President and CEO of Princeton Power Systems, Inc. (PPS). At PPS, he led a team focused on islandable grid-tied and off-grid microgrid systems globally including U.S. Department of Defense sites, National Park Service locations, Africa, private island and commercial/industrial power systems.

Prior to entering the energy storage space, Ken's decade of renewable energy experience included thin film, organic and crystalline silicon photovoltaics firms. Before beginning his renewable energy work, Ken had leadership roles in the silicon and compound semiconductor, mobile and optical communications as well as power electronics industries. This included five years as Managing Director starting up new businesses whilst resident in China and Japan. He has extensive international experience having done business in more than 35 countries.

Ken holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University and MBA in Marketing & Finance from the University of Richmond. When not helping customers and developing the business, he likes to go fast and is an FAA-licensed pilot who has also jumped out of perfectly good airplanes.

Brian Monks

Brian Monks
VP & Chief Security Officer at UL, LLC

Brian Monks started his career with UL in 1983. Brian was the driving force behind the creation of UL's internationally distinguished Anti-Counterfeiting Operations. In 2015 Brian was appointed as UL's Chief Security Officer and took over all aspects of the company's Enterprise Security Program. In 2020 Brian assumed a new role reporting directly to the President and CEO working on strategic planning and special projects.

Brian works closely with agencies such as US Customs and Border Protection, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, FBI, INTERPOL, Europol, and other law enforcement agencies. Brian is a frequent keynote speaker at anti-counterfeiting conferences around the world. In addition to these activities, he has written numerous articles that have appeared in prestigious publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, The Washington Post, and other various publications. Brian also belongs to many different professional memberships and affiliations.

Brian serves on the Executive Board of the International Anti-counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) in Washington DC, serves on the Board of Business Executives for National Security (BENS) in Washington DC, Board Chairman of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) in Washington DC and on the Board of Governors of the Chicago Scots in Chicago.

Brian has a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Electro-Mechanical Computer Technology, a Master's Degree in Business Administration, and has received an Executive Leadership Certificate from Yale University.

Barbara Porter

Barbara Porter (BS CS '00)
Chief Operating Officer / Chief Technology Officer
Fragrancenet.com Inc.

Barbara joined FragranceNet.com in January 2010 as the Chief Technology Officer and in April 2021 was also made the company's Chief Operating Officer. She oversees all operations and technology within the organization, including warehouse management, order management, shipping and logistics, retail operations, application development, hardware, handheld, network, telephony, and virtual and cloud environments. She also oversees business intelligence, data engineering (machine learning), and PMO functions.

Prior to joining FragranceNet.com she worked for 1800flowers.com for 10 years, initially as the Manager of Web Development, then as the Director of Customer Application Development (managing 13 e-commerce websites, a retail point of sale application, and a multi-brand call center application) before transitioning to the operations side of the organization as the Director of Enterprise Initiatives—chartered with identifying and sponsoring projects for operational improvements throughout the organization that would reduce costs and/or increase customer satisfaction.

Prior to 1800flowers, she worked in the petroleum industry for 11 years in various roles including accounting, purchasing, marketing, and administration.

Barbara has a Bachelor of Science in computer science with a minor in electrical engineering from New York Tech, and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. She is currently enrolled in the Cyber Fellows program at New York University, pursuing a Master of Science. in Cybersecurity. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), and is Six Sigma Black Belt trained. She is an active volunteer for PMI (as a board advisor) and with IEEE's Long Island New York section as the Chair of the Computer Society, Vice-Chair of the Technology and Engineering Management Society, and Vice-Chair of the Women in Engineering affinity group.

Sanyogita Shamsunder

Sanyogita Shamsunder
Head, Global Edge Networking

Sanyogita Shamsunder heads Global Edge Networking at Google, where her team is responsible for various cloud networking products, solutions and systems supporting Google's Global Network. Previously, she was the VP of Product Strategy and Operations at Verizon where she was responsible for incubating enterprise and consumer products driven by emerging technologies. Previously, she led the industry leading 5G network and technology development. Sanyogita's work experience spans all areas of the wireless business, including silicon, network technology development, and spectrum strategy. Earlier in her career, she held various R&D and development roles at Lucent-Bell Labs, Sandbridge Technologies and Stanford Telecom.

A sought-after speaker, Sanyogita has spoken at many industry conferences, including Mobile World Congress, Fierce Wireless events, CES, and various IEEE conferences and workshops. She also actively mentors and advocates for women in technology. She is on the Board of Industry Leaders of Consumer Technology Association, technical advisory board of Maxilinear, and the non-profit Manavi. Sanyogita received her MBA from the Wharton School and Ph.D. in electrical engineering and math from the University of Virginia.

Jennifer Thayer, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant
Mottspoint Consulting

A technology strategist with a broad background in B2B collaboration technologies, product innovation and growth strategy, Jennifer Thayer has consulted on a range of strategic areas from board governance to business development to product innovation and launch. A trusted advisor to startup executives, she lends a comprehensive, unorthodox approach to business development, risk management and growth. Experiences with failure and survival together with a love for ideas and collaborative leadership have deepened Jennifer's appreciation for good governance, a topic on which she writes and speaks with fervor and eloquence.

A two-time Fulbright scholar to Egypt, Jennifer earned a PhD from New York University in Middle East History. Her undergraduate degree is from Colby College.

Thomas Van Laan

Thomas Van Laan ('84 SoM)

Tom is currently CEO of CloudCalc, Inc., a Houston-based provider of software to the civil and mechanical engineering market. In addition to an MBA from New York Institute of Technology, he holds an SB in Civil Engineering from MIT and an MS in Computer Science from Pace University, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in three states. Prior to founding CloudCalc, Tom spent over 15 years as CEO of COADE, Inc. He is also the author of the engineering text Piping and Pipe Support Systems, Design and Engineering.

Tom has been a member of the Dean's Executive Advisory Board of the CoECS since 2013.

William Zucker

William Zucker
Sr. VP, Head of Mobile Networks Baseband and System on Chip (BB&SoC) Development Unit
Nokia Mobile Networks

Bill Zucker is a Sr. VP and the Baseband and SoC Development Unit head in Nokia's Mobile Networks Business Group. Bill previously was the Baseband Platform Unit Head, assuming that position after the Nokia acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent in December 2015. In his current role, Bill leads a global R&D team responsible for the development of all the SoCs used in both the baseband and RF platform products in Nokia's wireless portfolio. Previously, Bill held various senior management positions in Wireless R&D at Alcatel-Lucent and Lucent Technologies.

In addition, Bill spent five years in the late 90s as a senior executive responsible for various aspects of R&D and Product Management at Spectrian which was a cellular RF power amplifier company located in Silicon Valley. Bill began his career as an electrical engineer at AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1979 and has acquired extensive experience in complex hardware/software system product development, product management, and project management throughout his career.

Bill holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Engineering from Manhattan College.