Thank a Professor – What Students Have to Say About Their Professors

2021 - 2022

In the 2021 - 2022 academic year, 482 students sent 787 notes thanking over 318 faculty for their hard work and dedication. Many students wrote heartfelt messages, sharing their appreciation for faculty who inspired, encouraged, and prepared them for future careers.

Here is a sample of some of those messages in each of our schools and colleges:

College of Arts & Sciences

Thank you for setting up different types of interactive activities such as Perusall and PollEverywhere. Those were very helpful (although many students complain it’s “too much work”) and made me understand the course materials better. To be honest, it’s “a lot of work” for instructors as well, but I truly appreciate how you spent your time and effort to set up different learning methods to help us understand microbio better. I was always longing for a class that actually feels like a college-level class where students read research papers related to class material, gain better understanding, and actually get smarter. Your class was the first one at New York Tech that gave me such feelings. Thank you for making it such an amazing class, and it’ll be one of those classes where you remember years after graduation, possibly for a lifetime.

I cannot express enough gratitude to you, for how much you have taught me this semester. Not only are you an amazing instructor that uses creative images, an exuberantly positive personality, and fun ideas (quiz show) to encourage students to learn, but you are truly an inspiration to me for my future goal of becoming a physician. Your dedication to helping other students trying to follow in your own footsteps is exceptionally admirable and I simply cannot overstate how humbled I am to have met and learned from you. Even if I am not lucky enough to take another course taught by you at New York Tech, I hope to remain in touch and continue learning from the wealth of knowledge you so willingly offer. Thank you most of all for furthering my drive towards becoming a physician despite my change of major; I appreciate it tremendously. :)

Thank you for being patient. Since this was my first in-person lab, you helped me learn about lab etiquette and [course subject]. I often shy away from asking my professors questions, but with you I feel like I can ask you anything no matter what it is. Also thank you for not getting mad when I broke a flask and had to restart an experiment. I am very thankful that you laughed it off and told us what not to do next time.

I am really thankful to have had you as both professor and academic advisor. Your education and presentations, as well as your humor, inspired me to do better and to reach your same level of excellence. In a college filled with tough professors, you have always been a breath of fresh air. That isn’t to say your courses are easy (Still holding a grudge for that exam, by the way) but your kindness has made it all the easier for me to want to study, and I think that, in the end, my semester was enriched by your presence and your gentle approach towards science. I’m thankful you’ve been my professor, and I thank you for doing what you do. It may not seem like it to you all the time, but you have been a positive influence on me when times got hard. Thank you, professor.

I wanted to say thank you for making this class very interesting and interactive. It was one of my favorite classes this semester and I always looked forward to attending class. I have learned a lot about [course subject] and the different topics we presented in class brought up conversations at home. The structure of the class is great and I even encouraged some of my friends to take this class.

Thank you for being such an understanding teacher when I was dealing with my mental health. I’m beyond thankful to have you as one of my professors this semester. You have helped me effectively understand my work in your class as well as keep me on my A-game. I appreciate your motivation throughout this course.

Thank you for making this class so interesting, I initially was interested in the topic, but didn’t know how it would go. Within the first few weeks I realized this was my favorite class this semester. I learned so much and it is all because of you. You make everything extremely interesting and tie information in that relates to the topic which makes you think even more. I really appreciate how nice and understanding you have been throughout this entire semester. Thank you so much!

It is one thing to be consistently great at the subject, and it is another thing to be a consistently brilliant educator. Thank you for being both. You were able to slow down when needed, and you were able to concretely describe abstract concepts in a way that we could understand them. I was always bad at [discipline], especially [course subject]. However, you were able to teach it in a way where I can actually get a 4.0. Being taught by you made me confident in my skills again. It has truly been an honor to be one of your students.

Thank you for being such a great teacher! You seem to have a gift for explaining difficult topics very well, and your passion for the subject made me enjoy it more, too! I really appreciate all of your help inside and outside the classroom, and I’m glad I got to take another class with you. See you in the Spring for advanced [course]!

Thank you professor for teaching me this semester. I have never written a thank you note to a teacher before, but I want to thank you from the core of my heart. The things you taught me and the time I spent in your class really helped me in my study and my personal life. I enjoyed every class taken by you as well as your fantastic sense of humor. Again thank you so much for being so encouraging and doing everything to keep us motivated and supported throughout our program.

Thank you for your guidance and cooperation at each step of my journey. Everything was new to me even usage of technology but your contribution by providing examples to each assignment helped me a lot and everything went smoothly. Thanks a lot to be our mentor.

Thank you for being a kind and caring Professor. You gave me the confidence I needed to continue pursuing my dreams of becoming a teacher. I truly appreciate you and all the time you spent to help me when I needed extra guidance and reassurance with assignments and concerns. A professor like you needs to be recognized for all the hard work that you do to help your students succeed. Thank you again!

College of Engineering & Computing Sciences

Thank you for always being so understanding and kind to all of your students. I really appreciate it. In the world we live, transitioning into this remote world was not easy but you have been a great professor. I have learned a lot, and have taken a few other courses with you. However, I wanted to make sure you are aware that you truly are a great professor and I hope you continue teaching the way you do. I wish you many more years of success! thank you so much!

Thank you for taking time to fully explain the course. I really enjoyed this course because you made it very interactive. I learned a lot from this course. Before taking the course I was a little scared because of the number of papers I had to read but listening to your teachings and reading the handouts afterwards made a lot more sense. I could say your teachings made it a lot easier to understand what the handout was talking about. Especially with the examples and scenarios you give just to make us understand. I just want to say a big thank you professor. God bless you and I hope I meet you again in my upcoming classes in the Fall.

Thank you professor for teaching how to analyze and think about a problem in class. On the very first day of the class you said “learning is not about remembering facts, it’s about thinking and analyzing how things work.” I will always remember this.

Thank you for the instructional approach and compassionate demeanor. Although this course was challenging at times, your immense support and guidance made it so easy. Thank you for taking the time to grade the assignments and provide personalized feedback. Without your help, none of us would have done so well! Thank you!

Thank you so much Professor for such an effective online course, this has been one of the best online course experiences for me. Discussions were one of the best parts of this course, it helped me understand the thoughts of my fellow classmates on the insightful topic discussions. Thank you for sharing the assignments which required genuine brainstorming, the challenging questions definitely improved my conceptual understanding of the subject. Thank you for such an amazing learning experience, looking forward to taking more classes taught by you. Thank you Professor!

I know how hard you work for students and it is difficult to teach most people whose second language is English. You are very patient and full of information. I learned a lot from you and I’m glad to take this lesson with you. I tried to do my best to make up for your efforts. I wish the best for you.

Thank you very much for challenging us to be better at this subject. I especially enjoyed the opportunities you gave us at participating in the thinking process during class. I used to fear [subject] classes, but now I enjoy them.

Thank you for an interesting course, Professor. Even though it was a difficult course for me, as I’d never taken a [subject] class, it helped me learn more about what I’d like to work on in the future. I looked forward to attending each class and liked working on the assignments. Overall, thank you for an intuitive course and teaching it so well.

School of Architecture & Design

You made the class much more interesting than it should have been, accommodating for the fact that most if not all the students weren’t really interested in becoming traditional architects. But your help with the class was surpassed when considering how much you helped me with my career. Without you I would have never found my interesting internship that’s about to turn into a full time job post grad. You opened up a whole new career path for me by simply talking to me and helping me meet some connections. Thank you so incredibly much, if there is any professor I will remember from my time at New York Tech it will be you.

I do not think we have another class together, therefore, I wanted to express my appreciation toward you. This is not merely for this past semester but for the past three and a half years. Every class that you taught was with care and humbleness (something that most architects struggle with). You continue to uphold my view on the reputation of the school and are a major part of the reason I decided to stick with this career option. People aspire to be like you and I hope you are able to continue affecting students’ lives toward the better. Thank you for everything.

Thank you so much for being such a good teacher. You make some of the most challenging classes in the arch curriculum pretty easy by just being very structured, clear, organized, and helpful to all students. I truly enjoyed taking my classes with you and wish I could’ve taken more. Wouldn’t have met you without zoom classes being an option but I’m glad I did. Thank you!

Thank you for teaching me this semester, I have learned a lot from your lectures and critiques which allowed me to develop my critical thinking and how to approach design more strategically. Very honored to have had you as a professor for this course. I wish there were more professors like you out there that have a huge impact on student education. Thank you again.

Thank you for all of the time and effort you have dedicated towards me and our group as a whole. Your classes have truly served as some of the most informative and life-changing courses I’ve taken thus far. Being the “COVID” class isn’t easy, but I’m grateful for having such an exceptionally giving leader to look up to and gain insight from. I hope to see us all together again in the future as well!

Thank you so much for caring about both what you’re teaching and how you teach it. Thanks for the reality checks and applications about the different topic areas. And thank you for this semester. For your patience and for creating an environment where we aren’t only allowed to succeed but also to fail.

Thank you so much for your time and patience. You definitively love to teach. I am usually very very anxious about approaching professors, but you make things very simple and human. Thank you for amazing lectures and discussions! I learned a lot and benefited from your course! Thank you!

I am very thankful to have had you for [course topic]. When you teach, we can all see how passionate you are about design. I have learned a lot from you. It is hard learning through Zoom, and I am sure it is hard teaching through Zoom, but you kept us interested and excited about what we were doing all semester. Thank you for meeting with us when we needed help and putting in the extra time to make sure we really understood how to execute our assignments. You have had such a positive impact on my development as a student and in paving the foundations of my career as an interior designer. I look forward to the [course topic] class with you next semester.

Thank you for introducing me to new technology and constantly pushing me to learn more, I explored more in these few months than all my previous years combined. Also, thank you for bringing in cake and oreos! They give the boost required to stay awake through all the hours in class. I’d like to keep learning and working with you throughout the duration of my course, and hope to collaborate in future.

School of Health Professions

Thank you for being extremely helpful, kind and putting the students first. It was very helpful and clear how much effort you put into your students and how much you enjoy teaching. Thank you for all your hard work!

Thank you for being so caring, gentle, and responsive. There were many times where I was very stressed during the semester but you always had a way to reassure me that everything was going to be okay. I can not wait to continue my education with you next semester!

Thank you for being an extremely helpful and attentive professor for [subject]. I was always fearful of taking [subject] and didn’t do too well in undergrad when I took the course. This time, I not only did really well but I really understood the information and enjoyed learning. I am so grateful for the constant reviews you gave us. You truly did whatever you could to help us succeed and I have never in my 5 years of undergrad had a professor care and help students the way that you have. I hope I have more professors like you in the future!

Thank you for creating a fun, safe and appropriate learning environment for my cohort and I. You’ve adapted to our learning styles by adjusting your teaching style- adding pictures, key points, etc. This course, as difficult as it may be, doesn’t change the fact that you’ve become our favorite professor. Thank you for your tips and tricks for studying! We appreciate all the activities you’ve planned for us, spirit days included, and staying composed in the most difficult of times. You always keep your cool, and spoke to students in a professional manner. Hats off to you! You make Graduate school much more manageable.

Thank you for always being there for us, making sure your lessons were clear, grading was prompt, you were always understanding of our needs and taking an interest in our cultural differences.

Shout out to you, Dr.!!! Although challenging, you made the course attainable and understandable. With all your “silly” hints and mnemonics from bulbous to Rhombus, and the passionate Met’s fan :) class was enjoyable and studying became feasible! Your positive vibes kept the nerves at bay. Thank you for rooting for me and my classmates!! Having a professor who wants you to succeed is a deal breaker!

When I first began [course topic], I was anxious, scared and worried that it might be the first class I ever fail. It was all just so different from anything I have ever learned. However, throughout the course I started finding it vastly interesting to the point where I just purchased the book online. Later, I stopped answering questions during class and instead focused on how you teach and get the class’s attention. I want to teach this course later in my life like you do. My whole life I wanted to teach when I got older so I can show students a course does not have to be intimidating but fun. That’s what you did for me. And I found the course I plan on teaching hopefully sooner than later.

Thank you so much for your devotion to teaching and making sure our cohort did not stress. I learned so much this year and I had fun doing so. Being in your class was a breath of fresh air after a very stressful first year. I feel confident to apply what you taught us when we go out into the field. Thank you for always answering our questions with patience and kindness and making sure we understood everything.

School of Management

I don’t know if you remember me and that’s ok, but I just wanted to say that when I took your class your energy pushed me out of my comfort zone. Your style of teaching cannot be matched, but the reason that I am sending you this token of appreciation is because even when I completed your class you still managed to keep in touch with me and presumably the rest of the other students as well for future advancements, opportunities and student offers. I feel that a teacher is more than someone that is tasked with just teaching a course, but being a mentor and more importantly leading people to better themselves and always thinking that there is something in them that shows potential. And I see these leadership qualities in you greatly. Thank you very much. I hope that our paths meet again someday. But since this is my last semester I wanted to say goodbye and if one day in the future I reopen my NYIT emails and see your name it will definitely put a smile on my face.

Thank you professor for your excellent explanation of the subject, the examples you used which allowed us to apply the course’s key points to real world examples, and for providing us the flexibility to learn this course at a pace and manner suited to us individually. I definitely hope to have another class with you during my MBA, and in the event I can’t, would like to wish you the best in your future endeavours.

I can’t be thankful enough for all you did for me!! You changed the regular concept of class and learning to something interesting. During all of my student life, all professors have bombarded us with tasks, homework and projects. You were the only one to care about us and made wonderful study experiences and did your best to make learning enjoyable. Also your personality was like a good friend for students not a professor! Finally, Thank you for letting us be your student and to be part of your memory.

Thank you for being such a kind and supportive person. I was very worried and nervous about my presentation project part but it all went easier for me on that day because of your kind behaviour. You have always taught every chapter slides deeply and effectively in each class of yours. You have always helped me in each and every matter wherever I have struck. I can’t ask for a better professor. Thank you for this course. I hope that I get a chance to meet you in-person in future.

Thank you so much for a wonderful semester with you, you are by far the best teacher I have ever had. Very good classes, in a joyful and good mood. You always listen to your students and take the time to explain things. Furthermore, you helped us throughout the semester with our end-of-semester project to make sure we turned in a clean project. C’est bon! Merci beaucoup!

I took this course during my first semester online from India. I used to attend your class at midnight around 3:00 AM. Even though I had to stay up all night, I used to look forward to your class every week. I didn’t know that I can excel in [subject] but the way you taught every concept I scored the best grade and I still remember pretty much everything you taught us. Although the classes were online it still felt like we’re all together because it used to be so engaging. When I missed the first class because of a course registration related issue, you were so sweet to have a 1-on–1 Zoom session with me just to give me a recap of the session. Thank you professor for your time, efforts, guidance and everything! Now I’ve completed my MBA and I’m glad I got an opportunity to attend this course with you. It was a pleasure learning from you. Thank you!

Thank you for an amazingly smooth semester. This class taught me so much that I cannot wait to use it in the real world. You have been a great professor and I hope we have the chance to meet again in the near future.

College of Osteopathic Medicine

Thank you for being a professor who genuinely cares about what we have to say and our education. I appreciate you correcting our thought process without making us feel inadequate and taking the time to show us how to properly find sources to improve future work. You make the course that much more enjoyable, so thank you!

Thank you for your intriguing and informative class discussions. I’ve left each clinical inquiry class with a better understanding of the material at hand and feel fortunate that I’m able to learn medical wisdom that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my career.

Thank you for always taking the time to answer our questions as thoroughly as possible. I really enjoyed the environment of class and felt that it fostered a sense of curiosity in myself and my classmates. We all took note of how you would both answer our questions in the moment and further research them to fill in any gaps. We appreciate you!

Thank you for your intriguing lectures and assignments. I’ve learned many techniques to not only improve my public speaking but how to better present proposals and scientific presentations.

Thank you for your tireless dedication and the enthusiasm with which you have taught and mentored us students. There are but a few professors over the years of academia that I have undergone to which I can truly say “Thank you”; thank you for looking to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of your students.

Thank you! I loved you as our [subject] professor. Learning from you was so easy and I knew exactly what I needed to know (it was bolded and emphasized). You even went out of your way to compliment the resources med students had and I could use them to boost my retention. This has made my med school experience much easier. I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated and loved.

Thank you very much for the [subject] course. I enjoyed every minute of our labs as well as exciting stories from your medical life. I learned so much from you. Some of your lessons I’ll definitely remember for the rest of my career are: describing something specific about a patient (red dress etc); pleasant appearance of a patient; and a clinical pearl how to check with a light if a patient has a pus in the sinuses. Thank you so much for your valuable lessons and I hope to see you again in the spring semester.

Thank you for making yourself available to answer questions throughout [subject] coursework. The lecture videos and materials you provide have guided my learning of [subject] as well as my understanding of medical systems, physiology, and patient care. I greatly appreciate your email responses, zoom one-on-one meetings, and presence at Tuesday facilitations. Your passion for the topic and for teaching have been inspiring. I wish you all the best and am thankful to have crossed paths!

Thank you so much for making learning [subject] an enjoyable process. I genuinely looked forward to every lab that we had and learned a lot on [subject] as a whole and just on how to be a good physician in general as well. You were always approachable, insightful, and personable, reminding us that we are all still humans too. Learning [subject] from you has made me want to work to incorporate it into whatever specialty I may end up in. I have taken a lot from our time in lab and cannot wait to apply it in the future. Thank you again for everything!

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