Thank a Professor – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thank a Professor?
How does the program work?
How does a professor win? Do we get to vote?
Do I have to have the professor this semester to thank them?
I have more than one really great professor. Can I thank more than one?
Does my professor know I submitted the note?
Do you screen the notes?
When will the professor receive the note?
Who will my note be shared with?
Why are you asking if my comment may be published?

Instructors don't always have a chance to learn about the positive impact they have on the students they teach. The Thank A Professor program gives you the opportunity to express appreciation to the faculty who have made a difference in your career at New York Tech. The time it takes to say "thank you" may be brief, but the impact is far greater than you may realize. Thank someone today!

Thank a Professor Form

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