Three students volunteering at an event

Consultants for the Public Good

Consultants for the Public Good connects New York Tech students, faculty, staff, and alumni with non-profit organizations for community-based volunteer opportunities.

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

Consultants for the Public Good is designed to foster people skills essential to the workplace, including cross-cultural competency, social intelligence, as well as novel and adaptive thinking:

  • Students enjoy Consultants for the Public Good because it offers them a unique chance to build a professional portfolio early on.
  • International students can put their skills into action without any type of work authorization.
  • Faculty and staff get the chance to interact with students and colleagues outside of their classrooms or offices through community-based research and project-based learning.
  • Alumni can grow their off-campus networks while staying connected to New York Tech.

Each consultancy team consists of any number of New York Tech students, faculty, and staff, and is headed by a lead consultant who serves as the liaison with the community partner. Both sides are continually supported by New York Tech experiential education staff. Previous projects have included website development, business plan writing, social media strategy development, event planning, database creation, and much more.


Community Partners

Through Consultants for the Public Good, New York Tech students, faculty, staff, and alumni can help you achieve your organization's goals on a pro bono basis. You may have multiple consulting teams working on different projects, and the volunteer work can be done on site or remotely.

To maintain close supervision by New York Tech experiential education staff and facilitate satisfactory project outcomes, we highly recommend aligning your project with our academic schedule:

  • Fall: September – December (4 months)
  • Spring: February – May (4 months)
  • Full Academic Year: September – May (9 months)


Contact Us

For more information, please contact:

Luzia Ogureck

Luzia Ogureck Associate Director, Experiential Education

Leila Dastgheib-Beheshti

Leila Dastgheib-Beheshti Assistant Director, Experiential Education