New York Tech students working on a school project in Central America

Study Abroad

All the World's a Classroom

New York Institute of Technology study abroad programs offer exciting and effective ways to learn about the rapidly changing world and offer students opportunities to experience different cultures. The university has several study abroad programs administered by various academic departments that enable students to earn credits toward an academic degree. Many students choose the summer programs, which have been developed over the years by individual schools and colleges.

Students who plan to study abroad must contact their respective academic department for details about program enrollment. Students from other colleges and universities may be eligible to participate in study abroad programs. If non-New York Institute of Technology students want to use federal aid, a completed Contractual Agreement must be completed by the student's home school and be on file at New York Tech. For more information on financing for any contractual agreement or study abroad programs, contact the Office of Financial Aid. Students can determine eligibility for study abroad programs by contacting the appropriate program director or coordinator.

Reference: 2021–2022 FSA Handbook, Vol. 2, Ch. 2 School Eligibility and Operations, (34 CFR 668.39 and CFR 668.50)

Learn more about what your academic department offers:

Financial Aid for Study Abroad Programs

The cost of attendance for the program will be provided by the New York Tech study abroad program coordinator in your academic department. Actual costs will depend on current airfares, exchange rates, and other factors. New York Tech students participating in study abroad programs for credits toward their approved degree program may be eligible for financial aid, including grants (during a fall or spring semester) and loans. Students must:

  • Ensure they have a valid FAFSA on file with New York Tech (using Title IV code 002782)
  • Complete Study Abroad form
  • Complete Seasonal Loan Request form (if interested in federal or private loans that include a summer semester)
  • Submit documentation of the cost of attendance from the department

Eligible veterans should visit, and state aid recipients should visit their state aid departments to determine if VA benefits or state aid can be used for study abroad programs. All forms must be completed within established deadlines as set by the Office of Financial Aid. For summer sessions I and III, all documents must be received no later than May 1. For summer session II, all documents must be received no later than June 1.

For more details, contact:

New York Institute of Technology
Office of Financial Aid
Northern Boulevard
Old Westbury, NY 11568-8000
Phone: 516.686.7680
Fax: 516.686.7997

Preparing to Study Abroad

It's never too early to tell your academic advisor that you are thinking of studying abroad!

  • Knowing you want to study abroad will probably affect the sequence of courses you take at your home campus.
  • Program deadlines vary greatly, so start researching your program options early to get an idea of deadlines and requirements.
  • After working with your academic advisor, contact the Registrar to confirm that the credits you earn abroad will count towards your New York Tech degree.
  • If you are an international student, contact the Office of International Education about updating your F-1 visa.

With proper advice and planning, you can study abroad—even multiple times—without delaying your time to graduation.