Get Experience

Get Experience

Experiences outside the classroom will make you more attractive to employers who always want to hire the most qualified candidates. We offer a number of ways for you to get that experience:


An internship can help you see firsthand how academic theory is applied in the workplace while making connections and networking with industry professionals. As a bonus, 50% of all New York Tech interns are offered full-time positions upon graduation

Co-ops (Cooperative Education)

New York Tech offers now offers a co-op option for select degree programs. Find out more.


Do you want or need an internship, but don't have 20 or more hours a week to commit? Apply for a paid, project-based internship through Parker Dewey! Most micro-internships are remote work opportunities.

Volunteer Your Time

Serving as a volunteer is a great way to gain exposure in your desired industry and help communities in need. You’ll get a feel for the workplace environment and build professional relationships that may offer job prospects after graduation.

Student Clubs & Professional Organizations

Join a campus group that shares your interests. As you collaborate with other students, you will develop valuable skills, including team-building, leadership, budgeting, event planning, time management, and interpersonal communication.