Volunteer work shows your commitment to public service and improving local communities. It’s a great way to demonstrate your professional experience and leadership to future employers. You’ll also build a network of contacts that will serve as resources for new career opportunities.

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement refers to your participation in the communities in which you live, learn and work. Each program Career Success and Experiential Education offers intentionally supports student civic skill development. This is accomplished in the following ways:

  • Campus conversations – discuss social justice, diversity, and other public concerns with faculty and staff members.
  • Fund raising and advocacy efforts – organize around topics ranging from modern day slavery to cancer and blood drives.
  • Voting assistance – help the New York Tech community with voter registration, candidate information, absentee ballots, and polling locations.
  • Political engagement – interacting with legislators and government officials, organizing petition drives and letter writing campaigns.

Consultants for the Public Good

Work on community-based projects at nonprofit organizations and government agencies and use your expertise and skills to solve public problems. We offer short- and long-term project-based volunteer opportunities, from a single day to a few months.

Non-profits help to transform and improve society for all. However, their efforts may hinder their ability to maintain social media pages, webpages, logos, promotion, and the endless other tasks required to remain afloat. As a consultant, projects like these may be available for you to use your skills to tackle these challenges.

If you are an international student currently ineligible for an internship, Consultants for the Public Good allows you to build essential US Workforce experience, a community network of professionals, and your professional development.

Explore the complexities of public issues, learn critical thinking and acquire the civic skills, confidence, and practical experience necessary to make change happen on the community level. Find out more here.

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