EGGC Recipient

Edward Guiliano Global Fellowships

Since 2014, NYIT has offered all of its students the opportunity to broaden their perspectives and interact with the larger world through academic and cultural experiences supported by the Edward Guiliano Global Fellowships. Through experiential-based learning outside their community and comfort zones, students will grow personally and professionally in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Multiple awards of $500, $2,500, and $5,000 are given each year.

Open to NYIT students on all campuses, the fellowships, which can be self-directed, sponsored by NYIT, or done in partnership with another institution, may be used to:

  • Engage in research or artistically expressive, innovative projects around the world.
  • Present original findings or work at conferences and symposiums.
  • Support ideas to produce novel solutions or creative content.

Summer/Fall 2019 Edward Guiliano Global Fellows

  • Elizabeth Belnap: Joyce Without Borders (Mexico City, Mexico)
  • Ruixue Cai: Business Internship in Vietnam (Hanoi, Vietnam)
  • Jenny Chung: CURE International Heal Kids (Dominican Republic)
  • Michael McCartin: Construction and Renovation in Bogota, Colombia (Bogota, Colombia)
  • Jessica Porada: Occupational Therapy Internship in Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
  • Yifan Shen: Preserving the Cultural Heritage in Xi'an by Researching Circumvallation (Xi'an, China)
  • Brianna Weiss: There Are Bacteriophages in Your Kitchen Sponge (San Francisco, CA)

Highlights and Past Awardees