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Edward Guiliano Global Fellowships

The Edward Guiliano Global Fellowship Program provides students with the opportunity to broaden their perspectives by engaging with the world beyond New York Tech and their local communities. Students may utilize this award for creative expression, research, and cultural activities for personal development outside of their comfort zone through travel, as projects must take place at least 200 miles from the student's home or the New York Tech campus. The goal of the Edward Guiliano Global Fellowship program is to give New York Tech students the opportunity to have a truly enriching, transformational educational experience.

Proposed projects may include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Substantial and imaginative creative expression projects
  • Out of state research, scholarly or artistic activities
  • Overseas research, scholarly activities, or artistic-expression projects
  • Awards are generally offered in the amounts of $750 – $5,000 depending on the strength of the application, cost of the activity, and availability of funds.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Applicants must be matriculated students at New York Tech.
  • Projects must take place at least 200 miles from the student's home or their New York Tech campus.
  • Credit-bearing activities require approval by a faculty member in the applicant's major, minor, or other relevant academic department.
  • Applicants must be in good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Proposed travel must conclude prior to the applicant's graduation date.
  • Applicants may not propose an activity in a country currently under a State Department Level 3 or Level 4 Travel Advisory.
  • All successful proposals will be subject to re-evaluation if the security situation changes prior to departure.
  • Successful applicants who are travelling internationally must provide proof of purchase for GeoBlue International Health Insurance.
  • A final project report is required for all funded projects and should include a brief written narrative together with media (photos, video, audio, etc.) that comments on the details of the project, findings and impact on student learning as well as a finalized itinerary.
  • Students may submit proposals for group projects. Students can choose to submit as individuals or as a team. If you plan to submit as a team, each team member should fill out their own unique application. Each team member should be specific about their personal contributions to this project and why they, as an individual, need to be funded in order for it to succeed. Applications will be evaluated individually, not as a group.
  • Awardees are required to participate in one pre-project orientation session and one to three post-project meetings for reflection and development of learning objectives related to project activities.
  • Guiliano fellows must agree to publicly share winning proposals and final reports.

How to Apply

Complete the online application form in one PDF file. The form should include the following documents in this order:

  1. Essay #1, Personal Statement: This up-to-250-word narrative is designed to give the selection committee a picture of the applicant as an individual. It is an opportunity to discuss one's educational and professional trajectory, as well as one's future career plans. The Personal Statement should not be a retelling of the applicant's resume, but rather, a focused and compelling way of telling the applicant's story as it relates to this opportunity. The Personal Statement is about the applicant; the second essay, called the Project Proposal, is about what the applicant plans to do if awarded these funds.
  2. Essay #2, Project Proposal: This up-to-250-word document outlines the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of what one is proposing to do if selected. This essay should focus on why the applicant's proposed project must be completed in a particular location and why the applicant is uniquely qualified to carry it out. Applicants must detail how the proposed project will impact the educational and professional goals described in their Personal Statements. Applicants must also propose how the applicant would showcase the results of the experience to the University community.
  3. Budget Plan with estimated expenditures for each item. (Tuition for credit-bearing study abroad will NOT be funded; must indicate that other funds are available to pay tuition.)
  4. Proposed Itinerary
  5. CV/Resume (optional)

Selection Criteria

Applications are selected using a rubric that rates applications based on valuing the following criteria:

  • Clarity: The proposal clearly indicates the purpose, goals, and methods used to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Connectedness: The project is important to the student's artistic, academic, or community engagement goals, connecting relevant experience and knowledge to deepen their understanding and broaden their worldview.
  • Creativity/Innovation: The project shows evidence of individual originality and drive. Ideas are combined in interesting and surprising ways to discover information, address an issue, or make something new.
  • Transformative potential: The proposal shows evidence of the student pushing personal, academic, or creative boundaries. The project outlines a potentially transformational experience that could not be replicated locally or without fellowship support. The fellowship provides the student with an opportunity that they might otherwise not be able to have.
  • Return on investment: The project should have a clearly articulated social, intellectual, or artistic impact on a community, academic field, or industry.
  • Budget spreadsheet: The project should have a budget proposal that is fully and accurately completed.

Application Deadlines

  • Winter/Spring: Second Tuesday in November
  • Summer/Fall: Second Tuesday in April

Selection announcements will be released within four weeks of application deadline.

Please note the following regarding university travel:

University domestic travel is permitted at New York Tech. For domestic travel, note that state, local, and territorial governments may have travel restrictions in place including testing requirements, stay-at-home orders, and quarantine requirements upon arrival. For up-to-date information and travel guidance, check the state or territorial and local health department where you are, along your route, and where you are going.

International travel may be limited by U.S. and foreign restrictions (please check the U.S. Department of State website) and no one should plan to travel to any country that is currently deemed a high COVID-19 or security risk. We remind any student, faculty, or staff member who travels to any country on the CDC's level 2 and level 3 warning list that they should self-isolate and stay away from campus for two weeks after returning to the U.S.

Additional note: New York Tech has suspended all institution-led international travel programs for students through December 31, 2021. Students who are traveling abroad with outside providers before December 31, 2021 are encouraged to follow outside provider travel guidelines, along with current advisories from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and are required to purchase New York Tech international health insurance and submit a waiver prior to departure releasing New York Tech of any responsibility should evacuation occur during the program.