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Global Fellowships Reviewer Guidelines

Selection Committee

The committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and past fellows. It will review all applications and follow the guidelines listed below.

Guidelines and Rubric

The following are points of consideration for reviewers. These are a selection of values, not requirements:

  • Projects should revolve around unique channels of inquiry. Proposals should not depend wholly on established guidelines from a third-party organization or New York Tech-affiliated academic course.
  • Clarity: The proposal clearly indicates the purpose, goals, and methods used to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Connectedness: The project is important to the student’s artistic, academic, or community engagement goals, connecting relevant experience and knowledge to deepen their understanding and broaden their worldview.
  • Creativity/Innovation: The project shows evidence of individual originality and drive. Ideas are combined in interesting and surprising ways to discover information, address an issue, or make something new.
  • Transformative potential: The proposal shows evidence of the student pushing personal, academic, or creative boundaries. The project outlines a potentially transformational experience that could not be replicated locally or without fellowship support. The fellowship provides the student with an opportunity that they might otherwise not be able to have.
  • Budget spreadsheet is fully and accurately completed.
  • Applications will also be assessed by the potential for return on investment. The project should have a clearly articulated social, intellectual, or artistic impact on a community, academic field, or industry.