D.O. Program Next Steps

D.O. Program Next Steps


We begin interviewing in late summer and continue through early spring until the class is filled. Decisions regarding interviews are based upon careful evaluation of an applicant's completed application and all supporting documentation. Interviews are required of applicants under serious consideration and are granted only by invitation of the Admissions Committee. Applicants should schedule their interviews as soon as possible upon receiving the invitation. We work on a rolling basis, so applicants are interviewed and accepted throughout this time period.

All admissions decisions are sent via email, providing you ample time to make your enrollment decision (we do not offer extensions). Please check your email regularly throughout the cycle to receive important messages from the Admissions Office regarding your status.

Updating Application Information

Please refer to AACOMAS Instructions for General & Academic Update (coursework).

NYITCOM does not accept updates or additional material(s) once you have submitted your Supplemental Application. We consider all of the materials presented to us to be most relevant at the time of your application.

Withdrawing an Application

To withdraw your AACOMAS application, please email comadm@nyit.edu with your request to withdraw from the current academic year's application cycle. Please include your full name, telephone number, and AACOMAS ID number.