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Halloween Will Be Different in 2020

Assistant Professor Christine Hartford, M.D., warns of the dangers of trick-or-treating during the pandemic and what people need to do to stay safe and healthy.

Get Your Flu Shot!

TThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises everyone get their flu shot by the end of October. The Academic Health Care Centers will make flu shots available on October 27 at the Long Island campus and on October 28 at the New York City campus.

Q&A: The Trouble With the Anti-Vaxxer Movement

Jonathan Berman, Ph.D., assistant professor of basic sciences at NYITCOM-Arkansas, sat down with The Box to talk about why anti-vaxxers are opposed to immunizations, the history of the movement, and a strategy for countering them.

NYITCOM Student Honored for Hypertension Research

Nicole Maddie received the prestigious 2020 Hypertension New Investigator Award for her research on metabolic issues linked to fat around the aorta.

NYITCOM Alum Nominated for Modern Healthcare’s Top 100 List

NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYITCOM) alumnus Humayun “Hank” Chaudhry (D.O. ’91) has been nominated to Modern Healthcare magazine’s Annual List of 100 Most Influential Individuals in Healthcare.

Q&A: Suicide Awareness and Prevention

In recognition of Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month, The Box sat down with NYITCOM’s Liat Jarkon, D.O., psychiatrist and director of the Center for Behavioral Health, to learn about the resources available to at-risk individuals and their loved ones.

Getting Hands-On with Concussions

NYITCOM research explores whether osteopathic techniques can improve concussion symptoms and help clinicians to better understand the impact of these injuries.

Ancient Cousin of Modern Alligator is the Stuff of Nightmares

In a new study, Assistant Professor Adam Cossette, Ph.D., confirms that Deinosuchus, a prehistoric crocodilian the size of a bus and teeth as big as bananas, was capable of taking down even the largest of dinosuars.

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