New York Tech Three Year Sustainability Action Plan


1. Renewable Energy

Re‐energize existing solar arrays on the Long Island campus by early 2023.

2. Water Stewardship

Replace the existing water treatment plant and add a water re‐use component by end of 2024. Preserve our woodlands and use our natural ecology to manage stormwater.

3. Clean Energy and Monitoring

Commence a study on the use of a geothermal well system on our Long Island campus to reinforce energy resilience. Implement one test well in 2022. Utilize new energy meters on both campuses to assess campus energy usage.

4. Conservation and New Building Planning

As we develop our responsible programmatic expansions, practice conservation of existing buildings with creative re‐use objectives. Set and implement clean energy goals for each major renovation and new building.

5. Community and Sustainability

Explore relationships with other universities, municipalities, and private industry to hone our vision of sustainability for all of our campuses. Examples include a community Earth day event, and Festival of New York in NYC.

6. Grassroots Sustainability Initiatives

Implementing grassroot programs including a bike share program, adding outdoor gardens, and reviewing and enhancing our recycling and composting programs. Continue our Forest Therapy walks through our Long Island campus and add a component to NYC in Central Park.

7. Overall State Goals

Seek to determine our objectives within the framework of New York State to green the electric grid and to achieve the State's goals of 70% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030, and 100% carbon‐free electricity by 2040