Academic Senate

The Academic Senate of New York Institute of Technology is an assembly of faculty and administrators that advises NYIT’s president and board of trustees on a variety of issues related to the operations of the college. Senators represent each academic major and related administrative offices, and are elected by their colleagues at the beginning of each fall term to serve for the academic year. Senate officers are elected at the first meeting of each academic year.

Officers 2020–2021

Niharika Nath
College of Arts and Sciences

Vice President:
Raj Tibrewala
School of Management

Recording Secretary:

Melda N. Yildiz
College of Arts and Science

Corresponding Secretary:
Jason Van Nest


Constitution of the Academic Senate

2020-21 Academic Senate Team Drive

Past Constitutions

Calendar of the 2020-21 Academic Senate

Date Time Location
Friday, October 2 (Fall, Week 4) 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Zoom (ID: 6948736283)
Friday, December 4 (Fall, Week 12) 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Zoom (ID: 6948736283)
Friday, February 12 (Spring, Week 3) 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Zoom (ID: 6948736283)
Friday, March 19 (Spring, Week 8) 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Zoom (ID: 6948736283)
Friday, May 7 (Spring, Week 14) 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Zoom (ID: 6948736283)


For the meeting dates of each individual standing committee of the Academic Senate, please refer to their committee page:

Full Meeting Calendar for all of the Academic Senate and Committees, updated August 7, 2020

Academic Senate Calendar of Meetings 2020-2021.pdf

Full Membership of the Academic Senate, Academic Year 2020-2021

Updated: 2020-11-14

President: Niharika Nath
Vice President: Raj Tibrewala
Recording Secretary: Melda N. Yildiz
Corresponding Secretary: Jason Van Nest

A. Administration: Ex Officio with Vote (20)

  1. President: Hank Foley
  2. Vice President for Academic Affairs: Junius Gonzales
  3. Vice President for Health Sciences & Medical Affairs: Jerry Balentine
  4. Vice President for Strategic Communications & External Affairs: Nada Anid
  5. Vice President: Enrollment Management: Joseph Posillico
  6. Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations: Patrick Minson
  7. Vice President, Information Technology & CIO: Pennie Turgeon
  8. Vice President, Chief Architect: Suzanne Musho
  9. Associate Provost, Educational Innovation: Francine Glazer
  10. Dean of the School of Health Professions: Gordon Schmidt
  11. Dean of the School of Architecture and Design: Maria Perbellini
  12. Dean of the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences: Babak Beheshti
  13. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences: Dan Quigley
  14. Dean of the School of Management: Jess Boronico
  15. Medical Director: Brian Harper
  16. Assistant Provost, Student Life: Tiffani Blake
  17. Senior Director, International & Experiential Education: Amy Bravo
  18. Director, Research, Assessment & Decision Support: Shifang Li
  19. Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer: Barabara Holahan

B. Faculty Senators (39)

  • NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine (2)
    1. Bhavesh Joshi (2021)
    2. Viswanathan Rajagopalan (2022)
  • School of Architecture and Design (5)

    1. Hyun-Tae Jung (2022)
    2. Dong-sei Kim (2021)
    3. Charles Matz (2021)
    4. Giovanni Santamaria (2021)
    5. Nader Vossoughian (2021)
  • College of Arts and Sciences (11)

    1. Lissi Athanasiou-Krikelis (MA-2022)
    2. Eduardo Corona (OW-2022)
    3. Andrew Costello (OW-2021)
    4. Sophia Domokos (MA-2022)
    5. Minaz Fazal (OW-2021)
    6. Jole Fiorito (OW-2022)
    7. Donald Fizzignoglia (OW-2022)
    8. Michael Hosenfeld (MA-2021)
    9. Michael Izady (MA-2021)
    10. Youjeong Kim (MA-2022)
    11. John Misak (OW-2021)
  • School of Engineering and Computing Sciences (8)

    1. Reza Khalaj Amineh (MA-2021)
    2. Steve Billis (MA-2020)
    3. Batu Chalise (OW-2020)
    4. Ehsan Kamel (OW-2022)
    5. Azhar Ilyas (OW-2021)
    6. Abdolhossein Kashani (MA-2021)
    7. Wenjia Li (OW-2020)
    8. Anand Santhanakrishnan (MA-2020)
  • School of Health Professions (6)

    1. Zehra (Anoma) Ahmed (OW-2022)
    2. Jackie Cotgreave (OW-2021)
    3. Robert Gallagher (OW-2021)
    4. Mark Gugliotti (OW-2022)
    5. Pamela Karp (OW-2020)
    6. Mary McGibbon (OW-2022)
  • School of Management (6)

    1. Joshua Bienstock (OW-2021)
    2. Xueting Jiang (OW-2022)
    3. Bisrat Kinfemichael (MA-2022)
    4. Radoslow Nowak (2021)
    5. Janwon Suh (MA-2022)
    6. Raj Tibrewala (MA-2021)

C. Other Faculty Not Representing Specific Schools (5)

  • At-Large Senators (2)
    1. New York City: Jason Van Nest (2021)
    2. Old Westbury: Melda Yildiz (2022)
  • Immediate Past President (1)

    1. Elizabeth Donaldson (OW)
  • AAUP Chapter Presidents (2)

    1. Ellen Katz (MA)
    2. Yael Roitberg (OW)

D. Professional Staff Senators (4)

  • Librarians (2)
    1. Diana Moronta (MA-2021)
    2. Vanessa Viola (OW-2022)
  • Counseling (2)

    1. Monika Rohde (OW-2021)
    2. Zennabelle Sewell (MA-2021)

E. Student Government Association (SGA) Presidents (2)

  1. Ismael José
  2. Akil Boby

F. Non-Voting Invited Guests (14)

  1. Dean, Admissions & Financial Aid: Karen Vahey
  2. Registrar: Kristen Smith
  3. Executive Director, Global Academic Programs: Emily Zyko Rukobo
  4. Senior Director, Sponsored Programs: Dawn Grzan
  5. Senior Director, Institutional Research & Decision Support: Michael Lane
  6. Senior Director, UG Admissions: Marcelle Hicks
  7. Director, Career Services: Laurie Hollister
  8. Director, Information Technology Services: Laurey Harvey
  9. Director, Strategic Messaging: Bobbie Dell’Aquilo
  10. Interim Associate Dean of Students/Director of Student Engagement, LI Campus: Joanne West
  11. Director, Wisser Library, Library Technical Services: Rosemary Burgos-Mira
  12. Sr. Librarian: Sebastien Marion
  13. Counselor, HEOP: Rachel Morrison
  14. General Counsel: Catherine Flickinger

Academic Senate Reporting – MINUTES OF THE ACADEMIC SENATE