Become a Supplemental Instruction Leader

Job Description

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders are undergraduate experts in course content who passed the selected course with an A- or A. They are role models for their peers who possess strong time management and organization skills. They attend each class meeting and prepare structured SI sessions to review difficult material with the class.

Under the guidance of the Advising and Enrichment Center Coordinator, SI Leaders will:

  • Attend all class meetings of the selected course, take notes, prepare SI session lessons, and read all assigned materials including text(s) and supplemental readings.
  • Conduct at least two 1.5 hour study sessions per week throughout the term using strategies learned through the SI Leader training workshop(s).
  • Ascertain course requirements and maintain contact throughout the term with course professor.
  • Regularly meet with the SI supervisor to review sessions and attendance.
  • Assist SI supervisor in training other SI Leaders.


  • Junior or senior standing is preferred; second-term sophomore may be considered
  • An overall GPA of 3.2 or above
  • A grade of an A- or A in the selected course
  • Content-competency required
  • Strong time management and organization skills
  • Superior interpersonal and communication skills

Application Process


  • Complete and submit the SI Leader Application. You must log into your my.NYIT account to access the application.
  • Prospective candidates must select a specific course and section (e.g. MATH-141-M01) to which they would like to be assigned.
    Note: SI Leaders are required to attend the course to which they are assigned, therefore the days and times of the class must fit into the prospective candidates' schedule.


  • Request a recommendation from the instructor of the course for which you wish to be an SI Leader.
  • Faculty and Staff: Once a student requests your recommendation, please complete an online recommendation to let us know if you think that he or she would be a successful Supplemental Instruction Leader (note: you must log into your my.NYIT account to access the form).

Hiring and Training

  • Upon receipt of the documentation above, qualified candidates will be scheduled for an interview.
  • Training occurs prior to the beginning of each semester. SI Leaders must attend all mandatory trainings.

If you have any questions, email