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New York Tech is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees. New York Tech follows operating practices that will safeguard all employees and will result in safe working conditions and efficient operations. It is the responsibility of all employees to understand and observe safety regulations and to practice safe work habits at all times, so as to ensure not only their own safety but the safety of their co-workers as well. Safety equipment is required for certain positions, and your supervisor will advise you of any required equipment that you will be responsible to use as directed. All employees should be aware of and comply with the following basic safety regulations:

  • Know the location of all fire and emergency exits, be familiar with your facility's emergency evacuation plan, and participate in New York Tech's fire drills.
  • Know the location of fire extinguishers and fire alarms and understand how to use these devices, as well as how to contact the local police and fire department.
  • Be sure emergency exits, stairways, office aisles, and passageways are free of obstacles and debris. If not, contact your supervisor in order that any such condition may be rectified.
  • If you operate a vehicle, do so in a safe manner; drive defensively and observe all local speed limits and rules of the road, and always wear a seat belt.
  • Report any unsafe conditions immediately to your supervisor and to New York Tech Security.

In the event of a systems failure or inadequate operation of physical plant systems (e.g. plumbing or electrical power) employees should promptly alert their supervisor so that alternative work arrangements can be made that ensure employees will not be subject to hazardous conditions.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that every employee is instructed in the safest manner to perform his or her work, for ensuring that the physical areas where employees work are free of hazards, and for seeing that any injured or ill employee or student receives immediate treatment. You are responsible for performing your work in a safe manner and reporting any work-related injury or illness to your supervisor immediately.

Supervisors are responsible for notifying the Office of Human Resources of any employee accidents, injuries or illnesses. All New York Tech employees are required to obtain a photo identification card from New York Tech Security. All employees who drive to work must obtain a valid New York Tech parking permit for any personal vehicle they park on the Long Island or Central Islip campuses and adhere to all of New York Tech's parking rules and regulations. The permit is to be displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the rear windshield.

Tech Safe App

Tech Safe is a security app customized for the entire New York Tech community. The user-friendly app is a direct channel to New York Tech Campus Security and enhances the university's community and safety response to incidents and emergencies. Tech Safe is fully functional for the Long Island and New York City campuses.

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Workplace Health and Safety

In accordance with the New York Health and Essential Rights Act (NY HERO Act), New York Tech has adopted workplace health and safety measures to protect employees against exposure and infection during a declared airborne disease outbreak. New York Tech focuses on the health and safety of all students, faculty, and staff and has instituted plans that reflect our commitment to ensuring the health and safety of the university community. You may also contact the Office of Capital Planning and Facilities for more information on this plan.