Research: Clinical Specialties

Take your education from the classroom into the research lab. Working side by side with our expert faculty you’ll:

  • Work in collaborative, team-focused environments.
  • Identify your areas of interest under the guidance of faculty mentors.
  • Develop critical thinking, problem solving, and presentation skills.
  • Foster inter- and cross-disciplinary approaches.
  • Gain professional experiences that will advance your career as a researcher.

Research Projects

Our regionally-, nationally-, and internationally-recognized faculty are working on cutting-edge research projects covering the breadth of the biological and biomedical sciences. Current faculty research interests include:


Perspectives on Case-Based Learning

Small Groups at a Large Institution, a Mixed Methods Study: Studies the complex, contextualized understanding of small-group problem-based learning at NYITCOM by exploring the perspectives of various stakeholders (e.g., NYITCOM faculty and students) in the first year of implementation of the case-based learning (CBL) curriculum.

Principal Investigator: Leslie Goldstein, Pharm.D.


Mastalgia Treatment and The Role for OMT

Studies various aspects of breast health, including mastalgia, breast cancer genetics, and breast cancer screening. Also studies physician beliefs surrounding the conflicting recommendations for breast and cervical cancer screening.

Principal Investigator: Sharon Koehler, M.D.


Association Between Parkinson's Disease and Cancer

Studies risk factors for cancer in Parkinson's Disease patients.

Principal Investigator: Bhuma Krishnamachari, Ph.D.


Histopathological Studies of Human Disease and Medical Education

Studies the chronic inflammatory changes and vessel density in sun exposed and non-sun exposed skin using cadaveric material. Studies the relationship between solar elastosis and chronic inflammation and vessel density in sun-exposed and non-sun-exposed cadavers. Studies the incidence of renal fibrosis in kidneys with other histopathological parameters of chronic renal injury in the elderly. Studies the possible link between primary care medicine choice for residency and mindfulness as a contributing factor.

Principal Investigator: Maria Plummer, M.D.


Mindfulness in Medical Education and OMM and the Immune Response

Studies the impact of mindfulness on pre-clinical education as well as residency choice. Studies the anatomic variations and the impact of OMM on immunology.

Primary investigator: Greg Saggio, D.O.


Genetic Variation in Hereditary Disorders

Studies genetic basis for hereditary conditions including Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, Toriello-Carey syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome Hypermobility.

Primary investigator: David Tegay, D.O.


Geriatric Falls and Polypharmacy

Examines association between falls in the elderly and use of multiple medications, particularly those considered dangerous by the American Geriatric Society.

Primary investigator: Eleanor Yusupov, D.O.