Research: Family Medicine

Take your education from the classroom into the research lab. Working side by side with our expert faculty you’ll:

  • Work in collaborative, team-focused environments.
  • Identify your areas of interest under the guidance of faculty mentors.
  • Develop critical thinking, problem solving, and presentation skills.
  • Foster inter- and cross-disciplinary approaches.
  • Gain professional experiences that will advance your career as a researcher.

Research Projects

Our regionally-, nationally-, and internationally-recognized faculty are working on cutting-edge research projects covering the breadth of the biological and biomedical sciences. Current faculty research interests include:


Interprofessional Health Education in Global Health and its Impact on Medical Education

Studies the impact of global health experiences on medical student education and their competency in tropical environments. Also studies the role of genetic testing in primary care settings and the competence of medical providers in offering these tests.

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor & Associate Dean, William Blazey, D.O.


Health Awareness

Researches the physician's role in developing patient awareness and knowledge base related to the health implications of obesity, particularly with respect to physical activity and eating habits.

Primary investigator: Associate Professor & Director, Patricia Happel, D.O.


Diabetes and Health Literacy

Studies the associations between health literacy, race, level of education, and diabetes knowledge in a suburban population with Type II diabetes

Principal Investigator(s): Associate Professor & Associate Medical Director & Director, Sonia Rivera-Martinez, D.O.​; Karen Sheflin, D.O.


Educational and Diagnostic Research with Ultrasound (US)

Studies the use of ultrasound (US) as an instrument to assess spinal rotational preference.

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Theodore Flaum, D.O.