Media Coverage

Speights Featured in Emergency Wound Management Articles

Nov 22, 2022

Shane Speights, D.O., site dean for NYITCOM-Arkansas, is quoted in articles by the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange and Youth Today. In the latter article, Speights, who is a proponent of the American College of Surgeons’ Stop the Bleed program, shares that NYITCOM-Arkansas hosted its own Stop the Bleeding event, in which 125 participants, including medical students, gained hands-on training to quickly respond to wounded trauma victims. Upon completion of the training, the medical students received kits containing bandages and tourniquets, should they need to assist in an emergency situation.

“We’ve had students use these. They go out in the community and stop at a car accident, and they’ve broken into this pack and used it to help control bleeding,” said Speights. “We have our students providing care, meaningful trauma care, before they even graduate from medical school.”


Agreement with National Supermarket Association Garners Coverage

Jan 31, 2023

New York Tech’s agreement with the National Supermarket Association (NSA) to offer access to education to NSA’s 200 members, representing 400 supermarkets and 20,000 employees, is covered in Long Island Business News and The Island 360. “As we work to develop new channels and opportunities to provide access to education, New York Tech is committed to actively engaging with employers such as NSA to create pathways for traditional and nontraditional students seeking a college education,” Jerry Balentine, D.O., provost and executive vice president, is quoted as saying in both articles.  

Additional coverage appears in InnovateLI, Progressive Grocer, and Supermarket News


Nizich Shares Cybersecurity Expertise in Newsday

Jan 27, 2023

Michael Nizich, Ph.D., director of the ETIC and adjunct associate professor of computer science, lent his cybersecurity expertise to Newsday’s ongoing coverage of the Suffolk County ransomware attack. The article discusses whether Suffolk County would have benefitted from paying the $2.5 million ransom demanded by the hackers. Nizich advises that he generally opposes the notion of paying cyber ransoms and that organizations that do pay tend to be those without a business plan to address these situations. “I do not recommend it, but I also know there are situations where you have no other choice,” he said.


Exercise Science Expert Featured in Men's Health

Jan 25, 2023

Alex Rothstein, M.S., instructor for the Exercise Science program, is quoted in a Men’s Health article about the impact of nitric oxide on fitness performance. He explains that nitric oxide, a gas naturally produced in the body, is known to increase blood flow. Given this, its building block, the essential amino acid L-arginine, is commonly found in pre-workout supplements. 

“Nitric oxide is a gas and free radical that’s recognized to play a role in several physiological systems. It’s synthesized from L-arginine, and this is why many supplements that suggest an increase in nitric oxide use L-arginine,” says Rothstein. However, among other points, he also notes that while nitric oxide is essential for vasodilation, research doesn’t necessarily support the claim that L-arginine supplements produce more nitric oxide than normal dietary intake and exercise.


Media Cover New York Tech’s Newest VP

Jan 23, 2023

Newsday, InnovateLI, and The Island 360 have all covered the news that Donald Booth has joined New York Tech as vice president, capital planning and facilities. He had been an assistant vice president at Northwell Health, where he was responsible for all central region capital projects. “Don’s technical acumen, collaborative spirit, collegiality, and communication skills will be enormous assets to New York Tech as we embark on exciting capital projects in the years ahead,” President Hank Foley said in The Island 360 coverage.


Nadler Quoted in U.S. News & World Report

Jan 20, 2023

U.S. News & World Report featured comments from David Nadler, Ph.D., research assistant professor and department chair of electrical and computer engineering, in an article about the ways that homeowners can conserve water. Nadler advises consumers to consider switching out an older toilet model for a new, low-flow one—ideally with the WaterSense label, which can reduce toilet-related water use by approximately 13,000 gallons per year and may come with savings from utility providers.

“Similar to ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, WaterSense toilets may earn you a rebate from your water supplier,” says Nadler, who formerly served as a director within the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. He adds that composting toilets can reduce water consumption even more, as they require no flushing and “little to no water,” in most cases.


Outlets Syndicate Op-ed Calling for More School Counselors

Jan 20, 2023

The op-ed calling for expanded access to school counselors for K-12 students to help address the youth mental health crisis, originally published in Salon, is receiving additional coverage in outlets around the country. El Dia (Cicero, IL); The Daily Iberian (New Iberia, LA); and The World (Coos Bay, OR), have all republished the piece by the College of Arts and Sciences' Cameka Hazel


Jan 16, 2023

Arkansas Business highlighted the success of NYITCOM-Arkansas in an article about the regional impact of the state’s two osteopathic medical schools. The article notes that 60 percent of NYITCOM-Arkansas graduates accept residencies in Arkansas or nearby states. In doing so, they help to ease the region’s long-term physician shortage.

“We’ve got 45 of our alumni in residency programs in Arkansas that didn’t even exist before we opened,” says NYITCOM-Arkansas Site Dean Shane Speights, D.O.

NYITCOM-Arkansas, which was the first osteopathic medical school established in the state of Arkansas, will graduate its fourth class of physicians this May.


Local Media Cover Unique “Return on College” Tool

Jan 13, 2023

Articles in Long Island Business News and The Island 360 detail New York Tech’s recently launched tool called Return on College, a highly personalized and visual return on investment calculator. The online tool is designed to help prospective and current students fully understand the financial costs and potential long-term payoff of various undergraduate degrees, complete with related career pathways.

Both articles quote Karen Vahey, Ed.D., dean of admissions and financial aid: “New York Tech is proud to be the first higher education institution in the nation to implement this robust ROI tool. Our prospective and current students along with their families will benefit from the transparency into the cost of and return on a New York Tech degree that this tool provides.”


Media Outlets Publicize NIH-Funded Research

Jan 12, 2023

InnovateLI and The Island 360 have published the news of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant secured by NYITCOM’s Jerry Zhao, Ph.D., assistant professor of biomedical sciences. His research will analyze how the sugar molecule heparan sulfate impacts brain function, with findings potentially leading to new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and autism spectrum disorder, all of which have been linked to heparan sulfate abnormalities.