David Nadler comes to New York Tech after a long tenure as a director within the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. An alumni of the program as well as an adjunct faculty member, Nadler joined New York Tech in 2017 as chair of Environmental Technology and Sustainability. He received his Ph.D. in Health Science from Touro University in 2013 and conducted research that modeled allergy development to prenatal antibiotic exposure. His test of the hygiene hypothesis can be applied to any environmental system.

By applying his backgrounds in health science and environmental technology, Nadler focuses on making the Environmental Technology and Sustainability degree truly interdisciplinary. He is focused on showing how proper environmental infrastructure improves the quality of life and health for society. Lastly, he serves as a reviewer for the Journal of Bioremediation.

Recent Projects/Research

  • Structural equation modeling
  • Logistic regression modeling
  • Using social media to communicate environmental issues
  • Measuring the success of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals
  • Measuring the success of Environmental Health through HealthyPeople2030.


  • Nadler, D. W. (2016). A structural equation model of New York restaurant grades over a 2-year period. Journal of Foodservice Business Research, 19(1), 11-20.

Courses Taught at New York Tech

  • ENVT-601 Introduction to Environmental Technology
  • ENVT-615: Water and Wastewater Environmental Technology
  • ENVT-620: Introduction to Waste Management
  • ENVT-715: Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization

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