NYIT in the Media


Cohn Research Cited in Story About Gift Giving

Dec 18, 2018

The School of Management’s Deborah Y. Cohn is cited in a discussion in Considerable about how to give the best gifts this holiday season. Describing people’s tendencies to give gifts that can be considered selfish, Cohn pointed out that sometimes givers think of our own needs first. “You might give someone something you want them to have, even if they don’t want it,” the article notes, citing examples from Cohn’s research into gift exchanges that irritate recipients rather than pleasing them.


NYITCOM at A-State Makes Headlines with Baptist Memorial Health Care Partnership

Dec 14, 2018

New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University (NYITCOM at A-State) recently launched a partnership with Baptist Memorial Health Care that will help to train future doctors. The coverage was featured in regional media, including KAIT Region 8 News, Arkansas Business, Talk Business & Politics, The Daily Memphian, and Memphis Business Journal (subscription required).

As mentioned in the coverage, the agreement identifies up to 25 NYITCOM medical student positions that will be dedicated specifically to students who want to train at Baptist Memorial Health Care facilities during medical school. Students selected to participate in the program will have some designated opportunities through the Baptist Memorial Health Care system during their first and second year, and participants will execute their year three and year four clerkships at one of Baptist’s 22 hospitals. In subsequent years the program can increase up to 50 students in the Baptist-NYITCOM cohort.


Cohn’s Analysis Featured in MarketWatch

Dec 13, 2018

Deborah Y. Cohn’s research into gift giving appeared in MarketWatch as, “Yes, some people really do give bad gifts on purpose.” Her work includes a taxonomy of bad gifts and why they are given.

A marketing professor, Cohn describes unwanted gifts as a problem for both consumers and brands, with billions of dollars in gift returns every year in the U.S. alone.


Dunne Extols Long Island's Hotel Restaurants

Dec 07, 2018

James Henry Dunne, J.D., assistant professor of hospitality management in NYIT School of Management, was cited extensively in “Dining at the Grand Hotel.” The article in today’s Long Island Business News discusses restaurants housed in hotels across Long Island.

Even though the restaurants are good, says Dunne, “Long Islanders don’t think to go into a hotel” to dine. He recommends hotel restaurants “bring people to the property with an attraction.” He also advises them to nurture relationships with neighboring theaters and other organizations that attract potential customers to the area.


Hospital Day Highlighted in Arkansas News Outlets

Dec 04, 2018

As seen in regional media outlets such as Talk Business and Politics and Healthcare Journal of Little Rock, NYITCOM at A-State will be hosting its second-annual Hospital Day. In addition to providing first- and second-year medical students with information about potential opportunities for Graduate Medical Education (GME) and residencies, Hospital Day gives students an opportunity to foster relationships with representatives from the region's hospitals and clinics, as well as learn more about the communities they serve.


VR Kidney Software Featured on KAIT

Dec 03, 2018

As seen on KAIT, Alexander Vasilyev, M.D./Ph.D., assistant professor, of biomedical sciences, NYITCOM and Director of Innovation Labs at the Long Island campus, shared his VR kidney software with medical students at the Jonesboro campus. While the software was developed with NYITCOM students from the Long Island campus, Vasilyev built temporary labs in Wilson Hall to allow NYITCOM at A-State medical students to take advantage of the technology.

“This is a very complex topic,” said Dosha Cummins, Ph.D., vice chair of Basic Sciences, NYITCOM at A-State. “The more modalities we use, especially as a technology institute, the more we're able to emphasize some of the key complex components to the students and hopefully it's easier for [students] to learn.”


Bloom Cited in The Washington Post

Dec 03, 2018

Nicholas Dagen Bloom, Ph.D., professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, is cited as a public housing expert in an article in The Washington Post. In “This HUD official is moving from Trump Plaza into public housing. Is it accountability, or a publicity stunt?” Bloom argues that the move looks like a diversion.

“There are obviously political benefits to shifting the conversation away from federal disinvestment and focusing on local management of federal housing projects,” he says.

The article concludes with another Bloom quote: “Because HUD is quiet on most other aspects of NYCHA,” he says, “we have to assume that this is how they are going to make policy — through media and personal dimensions. It’s reality TV.”


NYIT Provost Featured in The Island Now

Nov 28, 2018

Junius Gonzales, M.D., M.B.A., NYIT provost and vice president for academic affairs, is featured in The Island Now for receiving the Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (LIHCC) Academic Excellence Award.

“I came to NYIT primarily because of the student body — diverse, with many first-generation college students,” Gonzales said as he accepted his award at the LIHCC’s 30th annual gala. “It goes without saying that without education, specifically a college degree to start, I wouldn’t be standing here this evening for such recognition for academic excellence.”


Zwibel Advocates for Exercise in Older Adults

Nov 28, 2018

Hallie Zwibel, D.O., director, NYIT Center for Sports Medicine, recently commented on new exercise guidelines for seniors in the lifestyle outlet Considerable. Zwibel notes that fear of falling, a common obstacle to exercise for many older adults, can be prevented and managed with regular exercise.

“Physical activity by itself helps reduce falls and problems related to falls,” Zwibel says, noting that when you aren’t exercising you’re weaker and more easily fatigued. “If you take an awkward step and you’re not used to engaging the associated muscles, you’re more likely to suffer a fall.”  


Riley Comments on Smoking Cessation Study in Healio

Nov 26, 2018

Bernadette Riley, D.O., associate professor, Family Medicine at NYITCOM, has been featured in medical news outlet Healio in response to a smoking cessation study by the University of Ottawa. In her response, she discusses performance coaching, its applications in clinical practice, and recommendations for future studies. In her 500-word response, she states:

“After reading this study, I think it would be beneficial to participate in a didactic coaching session along with the Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation model to help improve the outcome of tobacco cessation in my patients.”