In the Media

Feb 21, 2022

New York Tech students were featured in their hometown news outlets for being named to the Dean’s List and Presidential Honor List for fall 2021. Outlets that highlighted this news include Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Northeast Times, and Long Beach Patch, among many others.

To qualify for the Dean's List, full-time students must earn a GPA of at least 3.5 and complete 12 or more credit hours without any incomplete grades. Part-time students must achieve a minimum semester GPA of 3.6 or higher and complete six or more credits without any incomplete grades. To qualify for the Presidential Honor List, a student must achieve a minimum semester GPA of 3.7 and complete at least 12 credit hours without any incomplete grades.


News 12 Interviews Jarkon Regarding Mental Health and Wellness

Feb 20, 2022

News 12 interviewed Psychiatrist Liat Jarkon, D.O., director of the Center for Behavioral Health, in a segment about local efforts to combat anxiety and depression, including a Health and Wellness Fair organized by the Town of Smithtown. Jarkon notes that many people have experienced anxiety and depression since the beginning of the pandemic, and emphasizes that it is more important than ever for patients to continue speaking to their health care providers about mental health treatment.


Local Media Cover New York Tech’s Strong ROI for Low-Income Students

Feb 01, 2022

A new report by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce ranks New York Tech among the top two percent of U.S. colleges in terms of return on investment for low-income students.  Articles in The Island Now and InnovateLI highlight New York Tech’s strong ROI, tied at No. 72 among 3,410 U.S. institutions, including public and private, non- and for-profit institutions offering primarily certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degrees. Among other points of distinction, the articles note that New York Tech had the strongest ROI showing among all Long Island colleges and ranked No. 9 among 216 New York State colleges included in the report.


Kirk Lends Marketing Expertise to Quikly Story

Jan 31, 2022

Marketing and consumer behavior expert Colleen Kirk, D.P.S., associate professor of management and marketing studies, was quoted by the marketing site Quikly regarding consumers’ preference for simpler shopping experiences. As Kirk notes, one reason that simplicity works well for consumers is that people feel good when they believe that they can master something. 

“It’s called a feeling of effectance, or competence, and...effectance makes it easier for consumers to feel ownership for a product as they shop,” said Kirk, whose research focuses on psychological ownership in marketing. “When consumers feel a product or brand is ‘theirs’ they will pay more for it, will evaluate it more positively, and are more likely to tell others about it.”


Editorial Echoes Psychiatry Expert's Messages

Jan 25, 2022

An editorial by writers at The Island Now seconds many of the messages previously shared by Liat Jarkon, D.O., director of the Center for Behavioral Health, during a virtual forum regarding Long Island’s mental health crisis. In addition to several other points Jarkon raised earlier, the editorial backs her call for trained mental health professionals to respond alongside law enforcement officers in cases caused by mental illness.


News 12 Interviews Jarkon About Mask Mandates and Mental Health

Jan 25, 2022

News 12 Long Island interviewed NYITCOM’s Liat Jarkon, D.O., director of the Center for Behavioral Health, regarding the impact of inconsistent mask mandates on children’s mental health. While some Long Island school districts have decided to quickly lift mask mandates, making masks optional for students and staff, other districts continue to enforce them. Jarkon explains how these sudden policy changes and mixed messages can upset children and young students, who often thrive with consistency and clear expectations.


Huey Lends Psychology Expertise to BBC Story

Jan 25, 2022

Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences Melissa Huey, Ph.D., is quoted in a article regarding the shame felt by working parents during the pandemic. Huey, whose research focuses on the psychological impact of parent-child relationships, notes that while some parents may have felt guilt while working from home, returning to the office can also cause these feelings and impact parents' workplace productivity.

“Realizing the amount of time that is lost to careers, rather than being spent with children, can be disheartening. As a result, workplace productivity suffers, and everyday tasks suddenly feel meaningless or less important than they were before the pandemic. These feelings of guilt, coupled with the burnout that many are experiencing, may be one reason that we are now seeing workers quitting their jobs in record numbers,” she says.


HuffPost Quotes New York Tech Occupational Therapist

Jan 24, 2022

Insight from Ling Wan-Albert, O.T.D., assistant professor of occupational therapy, is featured in a HuffPost article regarding exercises and equipment for people with limited mobility. Wan-Albert, an occupational therapist whose clinical experience includes treating those with cerebrovascular accidents and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease, told HuffPost that a lack of exercise can worsen some conditions. She explains that a patient “will eventually lose muscle strength, range of motion of the joints, endurance, respiratory capacity, balance, coordination, and proprioception, which will cause more severe disability, as the result of lack of movements.”


Newsday Highlights Plans, Anticipated Campus Experiences for Spring Semester

Jan 15, 2022

A Newsday article reported on several Long Island colleges’ and universities’ plans in terms of anticipated campus experiences for the spring semester, in light of the ongoing pandemic. New York Tech is planning for 75 to 80 percent of spring classes to be conducted in person, according to Enrollment Management Vice President Joseph Posillico, Ed.D. “But we’re ready to switch at a moment’s notice if we have to. We’d just switch in-person classes to hybrid or remote if infection rates went up,” he said.  The article also noted that “New York Tech Associate Provost Tiffani Blake, Ed.M., said some safety measures put in place during the pandemic would continue, such as options for virtual club meetings that made them more accessible and widely attended.”


ETIC Project with NASA Featured in Newsday Story, Video

Jan 14, 2022

A Newsday feature story and video focuses on New York Tech’s project with NASA to build prototype products to help “launch dormant NASA patents into the commercial market.” The article highlights how a team of students and faculty is building prototypes for four patents under an initial contract with NASA. The student team members, all ETIC employees, are in the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences as well as digital arts students in the School of Architecture and Design, “skilled at producing demonstration videos of the products.”

According to ETIC Director Michael Nizich, Ph.D., “NASA patents sometimes get swept aside as researchers drive to complete major projects, leaving a rich vein of ideas with commercial potential,” the article notes.