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Center for Water Resources Management (CWRM)

Educating the Water Management Leaders of the Future

The Center for Water Resources Management (CWRM) is established within NYIT College of Engineering and Computing Sciences to provide leadership, technical expertise, educational opportunities, and professional interaction for stakeholders, professional practitioners, academic researchers, students, and policymakers concerned about water resources management.

CWRM works to develop and advance innovative practices, technical solutions, legal strategies, and management approaches for a wide range of water resource settings. The opportunity for hands-on experience in real-world settings is incorporated into the work of CWRM.


Water resource challenges require effective solutions relevant to local problems as well as those across the nation. Working with experts within CWRM and beyond, New York Tech faculty and students are guided by the following goals:

  • Develop crucial information and promote practices and technologies that address water quality and quantity problems, conservation, public policy, resource sustainability, and public health protection through faculty and student engagement.
  • Provide research and educational opportunities for students, faculty, and partners committed to innovation and creativity that addresses essential infrastructure for water, wastewater, and climate change response.
  • Promote advances in water resource management, climate adaptation, the water-food-energy nexus, and the interconnectedness of water-dependent ecological systems through public programs, forums, information dissemination, and public-private partnerships.

Academic Programs

NYIT College of Engineering and Computing Sciences offers graduate programs in environmental technology and sustainability with concentrations in water resources, environmental compliance, and climate change and sustainable technology. These programs provide numerous avenues for academic research, career enhancement, and professional collaboration with experts.

Professional Development

CWRM creates opportunities for students, faculty, and professionals to work together to investigate, propose, and refine concepts encompassing the broad range of issues relevant to water resource management. It is a platform for important or specialized information not available elsewhere. CWRM prepares, promotes, and disseminates educational information that can improve the quality of life and meet the water-related needs of those seeking to adapt to a changing, challenging world. CWRM has hosted numerous regional forums on groundwater management and protection, and sponsored the International Water Conference, "Drinking Water Sustainability: A Global Challenge," at the United Nations.

Applied Research

Faculty within CWRM are developing cutting-edge research projects that take innovative approaches to water and wastewater treatment, as well as alternative concepts for groundwater and surface water management.


Recent examples of CWRM projects and areas of activity include:

  • Water Use and the Cost of Drinking Water on Long Island, New York; 2017 Survey Report (May 2017).
  • Aquifer Protection Symposia: 2015, 2017, and 2018.
  • Testimony to the NY State Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee and the Long Island Sound Task Force Hearing on Water Quality (August 2018).


CWRM has hosted numerous forums, educational programs, and events to inform the public and foster interaction between professionals in the field of water resources. Students have benefited from these opportunities to meet leaders in water policy, environmental remediation, and groundwater and water resource science, enforcement, and engineering.

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Sarah Meyland, M.S., J.D.
Director, Center for Water Resources Management

Affiliated Faculty:

David Nadler, Ph.D.

Stanley Greenwald, P.E.

Albert Machlin, P.E.