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Operation Engage

Join "Operation Engage," an initiative to improve student engagement.

Operation Engage is a CTL initiative designed to encourage student-faculty interactions and capture important information about how our students learn. We know NYIT faculty members are very creative in engaging students inside and outside of the classroom, and we want to document and share this information. We've set an ambitious goal of gathering information from 75% of the faculty, both full and part time.

Let the CTL know about your activities. See the list of participating faculty members.

Why Participate?

For prizes, of course! The school or college with the highest percentage of faculty members reporting at least two interactions will receive funds for special projects that will continue to bring NYIT students and faculty members together. At least 50% of the faculty members in a school must report twice in order to qualify.

First prize: $1,500
Second prize: $1,000
Third prize: $500

Plus, we know our students want more interaction with faculty members. They told us so, in the Campus Conversations. The more interaction, the stronger the connection. And the stronger the connection, the more engaged they become in their coursework, and the greater their successes.

Types of Engagement Activities

If you already have your own student engagement activities, use them! If you need some fresh ideas or want to try something different, then try one of these easy-to-implement ideas:

How to Begin

Let the CTL know about your activities! We will be updating the statistics for each school regularly, and you can see how your school is faring. We will provide updates at each Academic Senate meeting, and the winning schools will be acknowledged at commencement.