Payroll & Timesheets


Timesheets are due at the end of every work week. Once a timesheet is submitted, it must be approved by the direct supervisor before you can submit for the following week.

Each week must be submitted individually; the payroll system will not allow you to submit multiple timesheets at the same time. If you do not work in a given week, you must still submit a timesheet with zero hours in order to submit for the following week.

Students working off-campus under federal work-study community service submit electronic timesheets the same way as if they work on-campus. Once submitted, the off-campus supervisor receives a link to approve the timesheet.

You will be paid on the business day closest to the fifteenth and last of each month. NOTE: Payroll processes checks 2.5 weeks behind. Your first check may take up to one month to process.

Student Employment 2023 Timesheet Deadlines and Pay Dates



  • You can only submit for up to eight hours of work per day.
  • If you work more than six hours in a day, you must also submit a 30-minute unpaid break.
  • You cannot work more than 20 hours per week while school is in session.
  • You must submit your timesheet every week.
  • You will be paid on the business day closest to the fifteenth and last day of each month.

Direct Deposit

Student Employment recommends that all students enroll in direct deposit. To enroll, fill out the direct deposit form. You will be asked to upload a voided check or letter from your bank stating your account number and transit routing number.

If you are not enrolled in direct deposit, checks will be sent to the mailing address provided on your student contract.

Returning Student Employees Who Receive Pay via Direct Deposit

  • If you received your pay via direct deposit, it will continue to the same bank location for the next academic year.
  • If you would like to change your direct deposit, follow the same instructions above.

If your address or phone number changes, you must notify Student Employment immediately. Payroll does not receive the address and phone number updates provided to