Message from the Chair: Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences at New York Tech. Whether you are a prospective student, a current student, an alumnus, or are just curious about our program, it is my pleasure to greet you.

Education in life sciences is the basis for many careers. Physicians and healthcare professionals, chemists, biomedical engineers, biologists, and science teaching professionals all begin their education in life sciences. Our programs provide the foundation in the core disciplines of biology and chemistry, as well as interdisciplinary areas such as biotechnology, that will give you the elements you need to succeed. Our department couples this foundational understanding with opportunities to perform hands-on research alongside our expert faculty and to present your findings at university or national conferences. We also encourage participation in community outreach activities and student organizations, to ensure that you graduate well rounded and career ready.

At both our New York City and Long Island campuses, our small classroom size provides an intensive interactive learning experience with our faculty mentors.

We are currently the only school on Long Island offering a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology. Our three majors in biology, chemistry, and biotechnology, fulfill the eligibility requirements for you to apply to medical, dental, and optometry school after you graduate—or to pursue any number of jobs, graduate studies, or research opportunities. If you prefer the allied health field, you may pursue a combined bachelor's and graduate degree program with us in physician assistant, occupational therapy, or physical therapy.


Our faculty members perform research in a wide variety of areas, providing multiple opportunities for you to work alongside them in their studies. I encourage you to attend department research seminars, perform research with faculty, and present the results at our university symposium.


If you are interested in becoming a undergraduate or graduate student in our life sciences program, I hope you will apply now.

If you are alumnus of our department, I invite you contact us by sending me an email at

And whether you are a current student, an alumnus or a friend of our department, I encourage you to please visit us on Facebook and stay connected.

Giovanni Meloni, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences


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