New York Tech Glossary

Students may add or drop courses during the add/drop period (found on the academic calendar). Students must consult with their advisor, complete the registration form and review the Add/Drop Refund Policy. The add/drop period happens during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters. This offers some flexibility for students to attend the first class and then make changes if necessary.
Academic Progress Report
This report is a tool that tracks your academic progress and determines the requirements that are still outstanding. Access it in your HUB through my.NYIT.
The office of Academic Success and Enrichment (ASE) provides academic and other support to help you find success in New York Tech, by offering peer tutoring at the Learning Center, Peer Success Guides, academic skill workshops, and more.
From time to time, you may interact or contact the Office of the Bursar. They manage your billing and tuition payments, so it's helpful to reach out to them when you have a question regarding your student account, requesting refunds, or making a tuition payment.
Bear Bytes and Grizzly Cupboard
New York Tech is committed to supporting our students and shedding light on the reality of food insecurity that students face. Bear Bytes provides food and other health and wellness resources and information to students on our New York City and Long Island campuses. The Grizzly Cupboard is our food pantry located on both campuses. It is a welcoming, inclusive, and confidential on-campus spot that offers free, wholesome, and healthy nonperishable food items and other supplies.
Canvas is an online platform that acts as our Learning Management System (LMS). This is where you'll find the syllabus, assignments, grades, discussion boards and more for each of your courses! Your current courses will be listed on your Canvas dashboard. Each professor will set up their course differently so we encourage you to explore each course and ask questions. Find the Canvas tile on your my.NYIT.
Clubs and Organizations
We encourage you to join clubs and organizations on campus that interest you! There's many to choose from and you can review them by visiting the Cub Hub to learn more.
A course that must be taken at the same time as another course. Commonly referred to as a co-req.
Each course, which applies towards your degree completion, has a coinciding credit amount assigned to them. Credits dictate how much a grade affects your GPA, how many classroom hours a course requires, and how much time you may need to spend outside of class on the material. You'll find the number of credits for each courses in your Schedule Planner, your Student Center, or looking at your semester map. TIP: You may see the word units, when using the GPA calculator for example, know that units and credits mean the same thing!
FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. You'll hear about it in regards to your academics—as a new student at New York Tech you should fill out a FERPA to allow, or not allow, parents and guardians access to your academic details.
Financial Aid
Financial Aid can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be! Financial Aid is funding provided to college students to assist in funding the cost of college. Financial Aid eligibility is determined by (1) the cost of tuition at New York Tech and (2) your family's ability to pay, based on the information provided on your FAFSA. For more information, visit Financial Aid.
As mentioned above, domestic students should fill this out every year in October. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a form completed by current and prospective college students in the U.S. to determine their eligibility for student financial aid to help pay their tuition and other college expenses. Talk to Financial Aid if you have any questions.
First-Year Advisor
As a new student, you will be assigned to a first-year advisor from the Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising (UAA). Your first-year advisor will help you understand the degree requirements for your major, help you enroll in courses each semester, and assist with navigating campus resources. In your sophomore year, you will be introduced to a faculty or staff academic advisor within your academic department who will be able to give you more specific major-related guidance as you progress in your degree.
Grade Point Average (GPA) is the average level of academic standing a student has achieved in one semester. Cumulative GPA (cGPA) is the average level of academic standing for all courses and semesters taken at the university. Use the GPA Calculator to calculate your expected cGPA based on the information you provide.
Holds are notes on your student account which prevent you from registering for classes for the following semester. There are many different types of holds, most commonly: Financial Hold, Immunization Hold, Registration Hold. You will see the holds in your Student Center, and each hold requires some sort of action on your end, so make sure you check regularly.
Home Campus
You may be asked for your Home Campus from time-to-time. Since we have two campuses (NYC and LI), your answer to this question should be the campus you are attending most regularly.
Modes of Instruction
The method in which your classes are delivered. New York Tech offers different modalities based on student needs and course requirements. Be sure to check your class schedule to see which modality will be used for your courses.
my.NYIT Portal
Your my.NYIT account houses all of the applications that you have access to as a student. Use this to access your email and Canvas, schedule an advising or tutoring appointment, view campus resources, and more! Download the New York Tech app right to your phone!
A student success platform that allows you to make appointments with an advisor, for tutoring, and more. It connects students, staff, faculty, advisors and campus resources. Find it under the Academics tile » EAB Navigate in my.NYIT.
New York Tech Email
All students are provided with an email address. This is how college staff, faculty, and departments will communicate important information with you. We encourage you to check your email regularly to stay up-to-date with university news, announcements, and opportunities! Access your account through the Gmail tile on my.NYIT.
Office Hours
Faculty schedule time outside of class to be available to students to discuss the material being presented in class, ask questions, seek clarification of materials, and follow up on certain aspects of the course. Most professors will list their office hours for the semester on the course syllabus.
Peer Advisor (PA)
Peer Advisors are fellow students who are here to help you with matters related to advising and registration, including using scheduler planner and enrolling in your courses each semester. Connect with our Peer Advisors »
Peer Success Guide (PSG)
New students are part of the Peer Success GUIDE Program, through which you will be assigned to a PSG who will provide you with social and academic support as you transition to New York Tech. PSG's will help you throughout your first year of college and will provide you with valuable insight and info.
A course that must be completed before you are able to register for the next course. Commonly referred to as a pre-req.
Each semester, a registration period will take place where you will meet with your Advisor and plan your schedule for the next semester.
Registration/Enrollment Date
You will receive a specific date and time, each Fall and Spring semester, on which you will be able to officially enroll in your next semester courses! TIP: Find your registration date in your Student HUB.
Schedule Planner
Accessed through your Student HUB, you can choose the courses you need, and want to take next semester, and view the different schedule options available to you.
Semester Map
An outline of your degree requirements, specific to your major, which you must complete to graduate. Includes a suggested sequence of when to take each course, which can be personalized while working with your Advisor. Review your semester map by finding your major and acceptance year.
Shopping Cart
Once you choose your schedule in Schedule Planner, you will add the courses and their coinciding sections to your Shopping Cart where you will enroll on your Registration Date.
Student HUB
Your Student Services HUB (Home for University Business) is where you will find your financial aid and billing information, emergency contact information, register for classes, review your transcript and grades, and more. You can also find the FAFSA link here, as well as other notifications regarding your financial status. Find it as a tile on my.NYIT.
Student Employment
Students have a variety of on-campus and off-campus paid employment opportunities. These opportunities foster and promote career, personal and professional development. For more information, visit the Office of Student Employment. TIP: Finding a campus job allows you to earn money, but also ensures flexibility with your class schedule, gets you involved on campus, and means no worrying about the commute from class to work since both happen on campus!
Each professor will provide you with a course syllabus. This document will let you know the professor's contact information, class objectives, expectations, due dates and responsibilities. An outline of the course, along with projects and assignments will also be listed.
New York Tech offers FREE peer-led and faculty-led tutoring services to all undergraduate students. Tutoring can help you understand a single topic better or assist you in maintaining good academic standing across multiple classes. Tutoring can help you build your confidence and succeed as a student. Tutoring is for ALL students (we're breaking the stigma—you don't have to be failing to seek out help!) Make your appointment today!