Academic Technology Services

Academic Technology Services

The mission of Academic Technology Services is to collaborate with faculty to produce innovative, engaging and exceptional teaching, learning and research experiences that increase student success.

Services Offered:

  • Skill building through training sessions
  • Consulting services: collaborate to explore learning technologies that create engaging learning experiences for your students
  • Enhance classroom and meeting spaces to support online and technology enhanced classroom experiences
  • LMS support
  • Design, develop and integrate Academic Technology Tools and Applications: support and integration into courses and classrooms
  • Coordinate the investments in digital tools and resources needed to enhance teaching, learning, research and scholarship

Teaching with Technology Tools

Technology can be a very powerful tool when it comes to teaching. When used appropriately it can support student learning. Whether your course is on campus or online, feel free to use these resources and share your experiences with us and your colleagues. See our training calendar below.


To obtain CANVAS certification:
Step 1: Enroll in "Growing with Canvas". Click on this link and complete this course.
Step 2: Login to Canvas at Look for the red Canvas tile. Find any course and go to "?" (HELP) in the left-side global navigation menu (it is listed last) and click on "Enroll in Canvas Certification course."

Academic Technology Service’s Events Calendar

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