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Office of Undergraduate Student Success and Advising

The Office of Undergraduate Student Success and Advising (USSA) houses many programs, services, and people who are here to support our students' success throughout their journey at New York Tech. The work is carried out by the following three units:

  • Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising (UAA)
  • Office of Academic Success and Enrichment (ASE)
  • Office of Student Success Initiatives (SSI)


The mission of Undergraduate Student Success and Advising is to provide resources, offer support, and foster collaboration amongst students, staff, and faculty to enhance the overall student experience and promote student success at New York Tech and beyond.


  • Positively impact the academic success and persistence of all undergraduate students by providing them with high quality, personalized, academic support services and resources.
  • Enhance the sense of belonging and retention of undergraduate students during their first year through peer success guidance/mentoring.
  • Facilitate the coordinated care of students by streamlining access to campus services and efficient sharing of student information.
  • Positively impact the persistence and retention of undergraduate students by providing personalized and proactive academic advisement that supports student progress, success, and the development of self-authorship.
  • Increase the academic outcomes and retention of eligible students by providing personalized academic coaching that offers holistic support, promotes engagement and utilization of student support resources, and equips students with academic and life skills to succeed throughout their academic journey and beyond (ACE Program).
  • Empower campus community members to improve financial literacy skills via a financial wellness platform, workshops, and educational resources (Financial Success and Wellness).
  • Provide opportunities to make higher education equitable, accessible, and affordable to high school students, while enhancing New York Tech's presence in, and commitment to, its local communities (New York Tech Advance).


USSA is divided into three units, each providing its own distinct sets of programs and services:

  • Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising (UAA)
    • Primary advisors to first-year and entering transfer students from summer through first year
    • Provide general advisement to all undergraduate students
    • Change of major guidance
    • Graduation planning
    • Class concern guidance
    • Early alert triage and follow up
    • Academic probation monitoring and support
    • EAB Navigate support
    • iAchieve program
  • Office of Academic Success and Enrichment (ASE)
    • Learning Center (NYC and LI campuses), offering course-based and skill-based peer-tutoring both in-person and virtually
    • Supplemental Instruction program
    • Peer Success GUIDE program
    • Finding Success in Online Learning (FSOL) course
    • Student Success Modules development (used in various academic and student support courses)
  • Office of Student Success Initiatives (SSI)


USSA is the project owner of New York Tech's EAB Navigate platform, which is a student success management system for providing coordinated care to students, and is used by offices campus-wide. Navigate functionality includes:

  • appointment management
  • advising reports and notes
  • campaigns
  • early alerts
  • progress reports
  • attendance tracking
  • student messaging (via email and text)
  • student performance analytics

Learn more about how to use EAB Navigate based on your role on campus.


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