Events & Conferences

Each year, External Affairs plans and produces, or assists with the planning and production of events in support of New York Institute of Technology’s mission, vision, and brand. These include commencement and convocation as well as a number of receptions, conferences, holiday events, guest lecture series, and VIP visits. External Affairs is happy to serve as a resource to the broader New York Tech community, providing strategic and tactical advice for events.

Institutional Events

An event is considered an institutional event when the messaging and content is developed by New York Tech and meets the following criteria:

  • Has an expected attendance of 100+ people
  • Reaches an audience that is of strategic importance to New York Tech
  • Features high-profile speakers and/or attendees, either internal or external to New York Tech (e.g. president or member of President's Council, etc.)
  • Displays the university as a thought leader in a specific field
  • Elevates and supports New York Tech’s brand and reputation

Any department hosting or creating an New York Tech-branded event that meets all of the above criteria is expected to partner with External Affairs (otherwise, see "Event Consultation Services," below). Here’s what to do:

  1. Place a formal request with External Affairs. A minimum of 16 weeks advanced notification is needed to schedule an event.
    Place a Request

  2. We will review your request to determine if the event is an institutional event. Please allow three business days after submission for a response.
  3. If your event is determined to be an institutional event, we will schedule a launch meeting to:
    1. Discuss overview and big-picture elements
    2. Determine/develop measurable goals and objectives
    3. Determine theme/message/branding opportunities, date, time, and venue
    4. Outline roles and responsibilities
    5. Discuss target audience and generation plan
    6. Determine key university stakeholders who should be involved in planning/implementation
    7. Develop a proposed budget and make determinations about how each item will be funded
    8. Determine what, if any, approvals or notifications are necessary in order to proceed
    9. Agree on action items, next steps, and timeline

Event-Related Services

Event Consultation Services

Anyone hosting an event at New York Tech-branded  that does not meet all institutional event criteria above is still welcome to reach out to secure event consultation, logistical support on specific event components, or counsel about the process of running an event at New York Tech. Here’s what to do:

  1. Place your request 16 weeks (preferred) in advance to schedule a discovery meeting.
    Place a Request

  2. Review all event details with External Affairs, which can provide assistance and counsel on: brand integration, invitations, marketing and audience recruitment, agenda creation and flow, script, menu planning and food & beverage contracts, production elements, audio-visual requirements, décor, signage, transportation, entertainment, staffing, registration, security, third-party contracts, offsite requirements, hospitality needs, sponsorship, photography, videography, signage, post-event surveys, etc. We can also help you set up metrics to determine how successful your event was and if it met your specific objectives.
  3. Hold a final status meeting 1–2 days prior to event.
  4. Meet with us for a post-event follow-up to determine event success, areas of improvement, etc.

Event Guidelines

Key Forms For Special Guests

Sponsors And Others Partners

  • Are there any sponsors or special partners that need to be acknowledged?
  • Are professional educational credits being offered?

Audiovisual (A/V) Needs/Slides

  • Audio and video support for all university events must be professional quality; thus, it may be necessary to engage outside vendors. We can advise on appropriate vendors.
  • All New York Tech speakers must use properly branded slides. Download a branded PowerPoint template in blue or gray.
  • Speaker support slides must be proofread to ensure correct spelling and legibility.

Food + Beverage (F&B)

  • F&B should be ordered for no less than 95% of the expected attendance.
  • All F&B must be ordered through Dining Services.
  • Alcohol cannot be served by a New York Tech student, regardless of age.
  • Alcohol cannot be served at an event that students are attending (exception: NYIT de Seversky Mansion.)


  • Transportation services, such as shuttles, buses, and car services, require at least two weeks lead time to book at a competitive price.
  • Any cancellation must be made one week prior to event.
  • Transporting students or VIPs in personal vehicles is not permitted.


  • Podium signage
  • Custom signage must be requested six weeks in advance.


  • University security must be notified of events on campus.
  • University security must be hired for weekend events.


  • For large events of 50 or more, staff to handle meet and greet, registration, ushers, etc., is recommended.

We’re happy to help you determine your event needs. Please reach out to our team for assistance.