Addressing the Current Situation in Ukraine

February 28, 2022

Dear Members of the New York Tech Community:

Despite the predictions over the past two weeks of war breaking out in the Ukraine, we could not have been prepared for the suddenness with which events there have devolved since last Thursday. It has been jarring and deeply disturbing to witness. We are proud to have Ukrainians and Russians as members of our community and, no doubt, they have family and friends who are affected by this violence. I ask everyone to be especially mindful of them and the difficulty of their situations. Let us hope that this war will end as suddenly as it began and that all sides will pull back, stop fighting, and resume negotiations and diplomacy.

Any student who has been affected by this and who needs support should contact the Office of Counseling and Wellness at or email questions directly to


Hank Foley, Ph.D.
President, New York Institute of Technology